Master The Art Of Hiring And Firing

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It doesn’t matter whether you are expanding your business, looking to move into global markets or even opening up physical stores or offices, the chances are you will need to hire and fire personnel at times throughout your startup’s metamorphosis. The thought of starting a recruitment drive can be daunting because you want to ensure the right fit for your already established team. On the flip side, firing people who have worked for you is a tricky situation that inevitably ends up affecting lives. However, there are ways that you can master the art of hiring and firing so that you maximize the success of your business in a responsible way.


If you need to take on new staff, you will want to attract the brightest candidates. All too often it can be easy to become seduced by the glowing resume, exceptional degree qualification and decades of experience in blue chip corporations. However, this person may not have the ethos, attitude or personality to mesh well with your team. Having many bright minds doesn’t necessarily make for cohesive and productive working. As such, get the potential candidates that you like the look of into your premises and meet them. See how they interact with your staff, ask their opinions on industry specific issues, and explore their personality.

If the idea of launching a recruitment drive is too daunting, you might want to consider heading to a specialist recruiter such as DSC Personnel who have an array of talent at the fingertips. With many candidates on their books, they can filter through the job seekers to find those most likely to fit your requirements. Invite them to interview and then make your choice.

Job Adverts

If you do take on the process of hiring yourself, you must make sure that your job advert is accurate. If you want a marketing manager, make sure the role and duties are clearly described in a person and job specification. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of a candidate accepting the position and then resigning because the role wasn’t as advertised. This can lead to high staff turnover and low morale.


When it comes to letting staff members go, you have a number of choices. Legally, you cannot simply give a staff member their notice because you don’t like them, there is a personality clash, or you want someone else to do the role. This is ethically unsound and against employment law. To fire somebody, the role must be obsolete.

If you do need to lay people off for financial reasons or because of a disciplinary procedure, consider the staff member’s feelings. Losing a job is a traumatic experience for most people, even if it doesn’t come as a shock. Make it clear that you will be supportive in their efforts to find a new job, that you will give them time off for interviews and that you will provide a reference. Although it is hard, decreasing your workforce may be necessary for the benefit of your business.

The next time you need to hire or fire, refer to this guide and ensure that you maximize the success of your startup.