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A risk free way to bring in an income whilst you set up your business

I wasn’t sure whether to include matched betting on this blog or not given the theme of the blog includes mental health. However I felt to not do this was doing what I really hate, in making the presumption every person with mental health and debt issues can’t manage their money. For me this isn’t true. I’m perfectly capable of managing my money, the struggle comes when I have no money because I’m unwell and not working properly! If there’s no money to pay the bills that’s where the issue lies!

So with that in mind and given my success with this during my first week I’ve decided to write about it.

I use matched betting to bring in an income along side other incomes.

matched betting as an income

I’m not going to go into the details of matched betting as it’s more complicated than I have time to explain really! I have used Profit Accumulator which literally gives you a step by step guide to matched betting. There’s others available such as Oddsmonkey, which I haven’t tried as yet.

The basic premise is that it’s risk free as you match a bet for and against something, for example a football team, and you make money from the offers bookies give you.

I have to say I have met this with success and made almost £500 in week 1!

Unfortunately I don’t have much of an income at the minute so this will be going to pay the bills, but I’m fine with this as it gives me time to collect myself and work on other projects such as this blog!

I had barely placed a bet before starting this, I’ve maybe bet on the Grand National a handful of times and been to the races once, it’s safe to say I know nothing about gambling, and to be fair I’m not fussed by betting. The risk has never interested me, and this week I’ve not been bothered once by making an actual bet with risk. If there was any risk this might happen I wouldn’t advise immersing yourself in this.

I’m worried about the longevity and would love to hear more on this, I wonder what sort of long term monthly income could come from this? I’ve googled it and found a mixed response. One main concern is moving to reload offers. At the moment as a newbie I’m still on welcome offers, but eventually these will be exhausted and I’ll have to move to existing customer offers – reload offers. Another concern is being “gubbed” where bookies basically stop giving you offers one way or another.

I’d like to at least keep going until I’ve managed to secure a secondary income from elsewhere…


I can recommend Profit Accumulator – I will keep you updated on my progress, but pretty happy with it so far, and looking forward to matched betting at Cheltenham 2018 next week!