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Why marketing is so important

Marketing is essential for any business, however with the sheer quantity (and quality) of the information available, you can easily get overwhelmed! You can get so bogged down in reading and trying to work out what to do, you don’t actually spend your time wisely implementing thorough marketing strategies.

The May Marketing Challenge is going to cut through the noise and every day you will have a challenge to complete, that won’t take longer than ten minutes!

What you can expect to gain

You can expect to

  • gain genuine social media followers
  • increase engagement
  • boost blog/website traffic

I’m not going to give you crazy promises that you’ll gain 1000 followers in day! I can tell you gaining followers that aren’t engaged or interested in your content is pointless. They offer nothing and are unlikely to convert to readers or customers. You need to stop wasting your time on methods that gain you followers that offer no value!! With my methods, you’ll learn the basics for gaining followers actually interested in your niche or business. We’ll do it on a small scale for the challenge, but you can upscale it to grow your followers as you have time! You can use these strategies ongoing.


We’re taking a “little and often” approach across four platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. I would advise doing a little every day. We’re going to spread our time over the different platforms to give you a lot of ideas in May, however, once the marketing challenge is complete I would suggest picking one platform and focussing on that, even if that’s for a week at a time. You may even just have a preference for just one platform. But I would advise keeping doing little and often!

Join the challenge!

The challenge officially starts on the 1st May, however, you can join at any time, just get stuck in!! You will find the challenge posts on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account every morning!


Resources & links for the May Marketing Challenge

On certain challenges set by the May Marketing Challenge, you will need various resources and links. You can find these here! They will appear as required for each post and remain on here!



DAY 3 CHALLENGE INSTRUCTIONS – scroll to the post on the Facebook page for full instructions

DAY 4 CHALLENGE INSTRUCTIONS – scroll to the post on the Facebook page for full instructions

DAY 5 CHALLENGE INSTRUCTIONS – add a story to your feed today!

DAY 6 CHALLENGE INSTRUCTIONS – ensure Twitter account is on brand and post 5 Tweets throughout the day

DAY 7 CHALLENGE INSTRUCTIONS – post is on Facebook feed today!

DAY 8 CHALLENGE INSTRUCTIONS – automate your strategy

DAY 9 CHALLENGE INSTRUCTIONSpost is on Facebook feed today!

DAY 10 CHALLENGE INSTRUCTIONSpost is on Facebook feed today!

DAY 11 CHALLENGE INSTRUCTIONS – supercharge SEO – write with intention. Go back over old posts and make sure you have hit all the points.

DAY 12 CHALLENGE INSTRUCTIONSpost is on Facebook feed today!

DAY 13 CHALLENGE INSTRUCTIONSpost is on Facebook feed today!

DAY 14 CHALLENGE INSTRUCTIONSpost is on Facebook feed today!

DAY 15 CHALLENGE INSTRUCTIONSpost is on Facebook feed today!

DAY 16 CHALLENGE INSTRUCTIONSpost is on Facebook feed today!

DAY 17 CHALLENGE INSTRUCTIONSpost is on Facebook feed today!




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CherishingFLo · 30/04/2018 at 1:21 pm

I love this idea! Im definitely going to sign up! I love my current engagement but I’m always open to improvement and learning how to gain specifically engaging followers in my content!

    Hannah Thornton · 30/04/2018 at 5:42 pm

    Welcome we’re very glad to have you and hope you get something out of the challenge!!


rockyontheroad · 01/05/2018 at 4:03 am

Thanks.. looking forward to the challenge!

    Hannah Thornton · 01/05/2018 at 9:26 am

    Good luck and hope our challenge gets you some good results!!

thedailyauthenticnni · 02/05/2018 at 1:17 am

Great first day! Looking forward to the rest of May! One question…would my Instagram business profile be affected if I close my Facebook page and just operate a Facebook group instead? A bit unsure if should have both!
Thanks, Danni

    Hannah Thornton · 02/05/2018 at 9:41 am

    If your Instagram profile is a business profile it would be affected as it needs to be linked to a business page. If it is a personal Instagram account then you would be fine. You can’t link an Instagram business account to a group, only to a page. So it could be done, you just would have to forsake the business profile on Instagram to do it. It’s common to have both as the system is set up that way, so we all have to do it that way, unfortunately!! Glad you enjoyed day 1!! x

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