Memorable Marketing Hacks For Goldfish Businesses

There is so much competition that a marketing strategy has to stand out from the crowd. Anything which isn’t memorable will go in one ear and out the other. Customers are like goldfish and you’re like their keepers: constantly feeding them little pellets.


Memorable marketing seems easy in this day and age. Just create a viral video which will get millions of hits on YouTube – easy. Or, use SEO to propel your site to the top of the Google rankings. What’s the problem?


The issue is that a business can’t create a plan without understanding the dynamics of making it unforgettable. Here are four you should remember for a long time.


Invest Emotionally

Think of the times when you were hooked – what is the common pattern? The answer is an investment. You had skin in the game and that’s why you couldn’t turn away. The same thing applies to marketing, but it’s tricky to get an audience to invest emotionally. After all, they don’t care about the brand or the business. So, it’s essential to add an element which is close to their heart. Plenty of savvy companies are doing this with pollution. Plastic is harming the planet and eco-friendly firms are reminding their customers that they are part of the solution.

Flip The Script

What viewers want to see is something funny and witty and clever. Granted, there are difficult features to include in a marketing plan, but it is possible if you flip the script. Take McDonald’s. One of the biggest corporations in the world, they sell coffee and competes with the likes of Starbucks and indie, boutique stores. Because they can’t target the hippy crowd, they appeal to the masses instead. Their current ad which mocks pretentious coffee-lovers is funny and simple and relatable. Plus, “it’s like a latte but stronger” is a solid tagline.



Leave Ego At The Door

You’ve had an excellent idea and now want to put it into practice. So, you devise a plan which you think is thorough and effective. There’s only one problem: you’re not a marketer. Without the necessary skill and experience, there is going to be holes in the strategy and the boat will sink. This scenario is when bosses have to be diplomatic and realise an event production team will do a better job. Also, don’t overestimate the cost factor. Usually, a quality gig or advert or sponsorship will bring in more money than it costs.


Be Short And Sweet

The basic rules of marketing still apply today. Therefore, supply and demand are vital to success. You control the supply element, yet you need to boost demand. One way to do it is to pop up for a short time and then disappear into the background. Although it sounds counterproductive, it works because people get excited about the shops which appear out of nowhere. The fact there is a time limit means customers have to grab their opportunity now or risk losing it for a long while.


Are these hacks memorable enough to make your business stand out?