If you don’t believe it why should they? Why mindset in business can make or break you

How do you get customers or clients? Well, one way is showing that you know what you are doing, that you’ve studied, that they’re in capable hands with you, that you have proven experience and results, you have happy customers. Social proof. But for them to believe it you have to believe it. Mindset in business matters.

Let’s be clear, I’m not trained in anything to do with the brain. I definitely don’t have a qualification in human behaviour. Getting humans to engage with your business, however, I can do. Understanding the psychology of sales – well I have a diploma in that. I actually genuinely do have a diploma in that!


Your products or services are worthy

No matter what your business is you will be selling something, whether it’s services or products, you need people to part with their cold hard cash to keep you in business.

Now that makes it sound kinda gross!

Okay so let’s rephrase that. You have got a fab idea for a service or a product, something you have invested time, effort and a little bit of your soul into. Something that will add fun, happiness or value into a person’s life. Or something that will save them time or help them hit a goal. How valuable is that? Well to the person with a need, very!


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Understanding a principle in successful sales

So now that we’ve got around the fact that your product or service is worthy, you need to understand why people will buy it from you rather than the next person. Because you know what you are talking about.

You are an authority, a leader, you have experience, you have good results, others have used you or bought from you successfully with good results or a happy outcome. Whether you sell essential oils or life coaching, you need to exude confidence in what you are offering the world. Be confident that it will make a difference in some way in your customer’s life. That you have the answer to their problem.

Need an oil for migraines, you got that. Need coaching for imposter syndrome, you cover that. Need a bow that matches that cute dress your daughter has, you can colour match like a pro. Exude confidence! Confidence will lead to the right mindset in business.


Prove it!

This is a key principle for making a sale. You need to be seen as someone as who knows what they are talking about. A pro. An experienced seasoned pro. However, you can prove this (without being deceptive!) do it. Testimonials, reviews, certificates, likes, comments, statistics, you talking about your subject matter. Don’t presume people will just know you are an expert. They won’t. Tell them. Don’t be cocky or arrogant, but put it out there so they know.


Why mindset in business ultimately matters

You tell the world you’re an expert, but ultimately if you don’t believe in yourself as a businesswoman, you cannot expect anyone else to. And it’s, for this reason, a positive mindset in business matters. If will seep through in everything you do. You have to believe in yourself. And if you don’t right now, then my love you need to act until it’s real. I’m talking Oscar-worthy acting here. No one can know any different.

Before you know it, it will be real. Then you can all believe it.

You are good enough. What you are offering the world is good enough. You are trying to improve people’s lives in one way or another, even if you offer a product purely for fun. Fun is a ray of sunshine in your heart. Everyone needs sunshine.


Do you believe in yourself and your business? How do you stay strong? I’d love to hear how you feel this affects you in business? If you liked this post I would be over the moon (and much more confident in myself obvs!) if you shared it!! Or you can tell me more about your business here.


Hannah is the founder of She Hustles Inc. A marketing specialist who helps women to grow small businesses through meaningful marketing. Find out more and have a complimentary session to find out how to make your marketing work for you by clicking here.


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