I’m not a huge fan of one size fits all marketing strategies. What I am a fan of templates that you can adapt to your business. It’s really important that you make your marketing work for your customers. They must feel like they’re getting a service or attention that’s almost handcrafted for them and considers them.

This benefits you as they see the true value in what you offer and they will happily and willingly buy from you! This results in

  • plenty of sales
  • less stress try to get sales
  • plenty of engagement on social media and blogs
  • converting followers to actual customers
  • more revenue
  • a successful business!

So without further ado here’s my template!

1. Create a freebie or offer and set up a page on your website with it on. The freebie should relate in some way to the product you want to sell.

2. Create a new email list in your email provider – for example in MailChimp

3. Get people to sign up to your mailing list then direct them to the freebie on your website.

On MailChimp you do this as follows; Set up sign up forms, then at the successful sign-up stage, pop in the page address so they get redirected there.

4. Set up an email campaign for that email list. You are going to send them emails at the following frequency;

at 2 days

at 7 days

at 14 days

at 28 days

at 56 days

In the emails give them plenty of value, don’t just go in with a hard sell of your other products. Mention them, but tell them how they will benefit from them. You could talk about what your business offers, particularly useful blog posts, some of the successes you’ve had or good work you do.

5. If they purchase, then remove them from this list so they aren’t being spammed. You can use Zapier to automate this.


The idea is we want to develop someone from being a follower through to a customer. We know they are interested in your end product because they felt they needed the freebie. We then introduced them to your business and showed them the value you offer. Over time this will build a relationship and trust and develop into a sale.

In theory, this funnel will help convert people from followers to customers buying your products.


This video will also talk you through the process.



This, of course, is a very simple sales funnel. Notice the emails aren’t daily. I prefer not to do this as personally, I think it feels like stalking!

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What does meaningful marketing mean?

She Hustles Inc is a resource to help ladies develop and grow businesses. Hannah who runs She Hustles Inc is passionate about “meaningful marketing” to encourage authentic relationships which lead to a successful business.

You can find out more about meaningful marketing and my methods in this video