New Year’s Resolutions For Your Business

While you are always on working on ways to improve your business practices, there’s no harm in using the dawn of a new year as an excuse to make some meaningful resolutions. You do in your personal life, so why not in your professional life? You might fancy losing a few pounds, shifting the muffin top, getting fitter or stopping smoking. But what about your startup’s health? You need to focus on having a new year detox for your business, streamlining your functions and making your startup fit for purpose in 2019. Take a look at these potential New Year’s resolutions for your business to help inspire your company outlook in 2019.





Just because you are willing to consider the option of outsourcing in the new year, doesn’t mean you have to admit defeat. Choosing to outsource means tapping into offsite experts that you don’t have in-house. You could choose to outsource payroll, marketing or social media management. This would enable you to work on more pressing issues for your business such as enhancing your cash flow, seeking further funding or international expansion. You don’t want to be bogged down with admin and payroll on a Friday afternoon each week.


If you don’t want to outsource to an individual, why not consider a software package. Ecommerce pricing has now become highly competitive, meaning that you could invest in making your user and customer interface more streamlined and linked to your ERP capabilities. This could enhance your analytical prowess, help you to develop more meaningful and nuanced content and drive up sales.


Funding Sources


If you need an injection of cash in the new year, don’t assume that you have to return to your bank manager to pitch again. Instead, why not look into the postmodern concept of crowdfunding. By pitching online to millions of potential investors, your company will enjoy a global reach that your bank manager is not capable of replicating. If crowdfunding doesn’t fit your remit, consider seeking out a business angel to take your business further. These individuals are experts in their field and bring along advice, contacts, and acumen as well as their hard earned cash. If you can get a business angel on board, consider your startup idea well and truly validated.



Social Media


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last decade, you can’t fail to have noticed the emergence of social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are now integral tools to every startup’s online marketing strategy. To build your brand, you need a visible and prominent online presence. Your social media feeds, the content you post and your blog goes a long way to helping you generate a following and a loyal customer base, so you must continue to utilize these platforms in 2019.


Even if business is booming, there is nothing wrong with taking time over the festive period to sit back, reflect and build upon your business successes. Use this guide to construct your business new year’s resolutions.