6 Proven Strategies to Supercharge your Profit and Growth



I know how you are feeling, you don’t just want this business to succeed. You NEED it to succeed. You are so sick of just about being able to pay the bills, wondering if you can afford a holiday this year, stressing about where you can possibly get more money from. Another job? But you want this business to work so bad, and you know if you get another job there will be no time for the business and it will basically spell the end. Which then keeps you stuck in that unfulfilling job you REALLY don’t want to be in.

So you focus on your business. You have all good intentions of coming up with a plan. Okay so what’s next, let’s check on Google how we take that next step….. and there is now 384 articles telling us how to do things, all adding something new and different. Hang on I just wanted to post on Instagram, if I follow all these tips it will literally take up my entire day and leave no time for anything else!


I have been there, done it and bought (and sold) the T-shirt!! For ten years I run various side hustles and over this time I have worked out everything that truly makes a difference to your business. I have a set formula I used for She Hustles Inc and I’ve used it for over 30 businesses in the past 6 months. Each one that implemented the strategies has seen growth.. and that means one thing….


I decided I would share 6 of my best strategies with others for free. I’m a believer in you give what you get so please take these strategies and let the universe send me some lovely good karma!!