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NEXT WORKSHOP DATE – 7th January 2019 7pm GMT

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NEXT WORKSHOP DATE – 7th January 2019 7pm GMT

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Social media is a quick way to grow your business and gain customers, but you may not know where to get started.

When I first started on social media I basically posted whenever I had time, I didn’t have any sort of plan I just posted about whatever came to mind. I got a few sales, but not enough to scale my business beyond a small part-time business.

When I trained in marketing, Facebook barely even existed, so this was an area I was most certainly, like everyone else, was improvising in. Fast forward several courses later and I realised I was missing the basics. I then developed a process that used social media to grow businesses, and I repeated this for business after business. I realised I had a template that worked. A template that works for any business and will grow that business. It repeatedly gained followers and turned those followers into paying customers.

And now I want to share this template and method with you.

Why this works for any business is because we build from you and your business. The template takes what’s unique about you and your business and then builds a connection to a specific audience.

If you want to learn how to

  • recognise what is unique about your business and communicate this with the world
  • delve into the mind of your customer to understand how to sell to them
  • know where to find your customers
  • understand and clarify what content is going to sell for you
  • grow your business on social media
  • grow followers, then turn them into actual paying customers
  • how to sell anything on Instagram

…this is the workshop for you!

The workshop is a two-hour live session held online. This means you can ask questions live and you can chat privately with me. It’s a working session so we will be developing your brand, your content plan, your social media plan and how to earn more live in the workshop, meaning you are going to get results almost immediately after implementing into your business.

You will receive a recording of the workshop following the session.

Numbers are limited to ensure you get the full impact of the session.


NEXT WORKSHOP DATE – 7th January 2019 7pm GMT


Following the workshop, you have three weeks email support directly from me! This means you can implement the strategies discussed in the workshop and get me to support, assist and review them to ensure you are maximising the potential of your business growth.

Sessions are held regularly if you cannot attend this date or you can purchase a copy of the recording of the workshop and still benefit from 3 weeks email support.