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“You whaaaat?”

“I set my alarm 30 minutes earlier than the kids wake up.”

“Are you crazy? I mean… WHO really does that?”

“I do.”

I understand that a sleep-deprived, exhausted Mum loves her sleep. Who doesn’t? But I can hand on heart say when I rise before the house wakes up – my day just goes better.

And that 30 minutes of calm in the morning is like gold dust. My heaven time. My time. I love it.

I’m not saying it’s easy to get up before the house stirs but it 1 million per cent gets me and my day started in the right way. 

It’s my secret on how I get my stuff done and how I can remain sane for…well, at least the first hour of the day!

Whether it’s to tick off a couple of important daily tasks, reconnect with myself or simply enjoy a hot cuppa tea in peace, it’s absolutely worth getting up when the alarm goes. 

So, how can breaking the snooze habit of a lifetime really help you?

1. Wake up when YOU decide

Up until now, is it when the kids come bounding into your bedroom that breaks you from your deep sleep?  You get an arm in your face and the volume is turned to LOUD and before you know it, your groundhog day has started again.  

Imagine a time when you were the captain of your dream ship and you actually got up in your time, in your own way and you had time to breathe.

…and back in the room.

Set your alarm 30 minutes before they typically wake up. Don’t hit snooze.


how female entrepreneurs increase productivity

2. Get time to yourself

Any mother will vouch that a little time to herself is her sanctuary. Chance would be a fine thing!

Well, make that chance.  Get up earlier! You know what you can accomplish in 10 minutes without the little ones.  Imagine what you could achieve in half an hour ALL BY YOURSELF!

It might be some peaceful moments of calm and stillness that is most needed or focus time to really check-in on your business plan.  Whatever serves you best, getting this done and dusted first thing before the day runs away with you, is good planning in my book.

3. Get on top of the important things for increased productivity

Chances are if you’re running the house, running a business or running a full-on job, no doubt, your schedule will be packed and your priority list hefty.

Although we incessantly pray for more hours in the day, with all the will in the world that just ain’t gonna happen.  We need to carve out more time and it’s there if you truly look.  You may prefer to stay up late to get your shiz done but there’s something to be said about waking up when the day breaks and ticking off a few vitals before the chaos begins. 

4.  Gain back control for more productivity in your day

Arguably, how you wake up is as important as when you wake up.

By getting up earlier you are in control of how your day begins and as the late Louise Hay says:

“how you start your day, is how you live your day, and how you live your day is how you live your life.”

Although it may seem madness to deprive yourself of an extra 20 mins in bed once you get into the habit of getting up earlier your sleep cycle will thank you for it. You’ll find productivity just comes naturally when you do this!


how female entrepreneurs increase productivity

5. Reduce the Mum guilt

Do you promise that tomorrow you’ll give yourself more time to get ready, that you will be more productive?

Many a time, I’d underestimate how long it takes for me and the little ones to simply get out the door on time.  I swore someone robbed me of those last 10 minutes!  Stress levels rising, I’d end up screaming and shouting at the kids to hurry up!!! Seconds later, I’d feel the Mum guilt as I hadn’t wanted to lose my cool. Again. 

This wasn’t the best start to our day.  

If only I could get up earlier and prep the morning better, I could be one of those, you know, organised ON Time mothers.  I like that!

Do it. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and just GET UP!

6. Improve your wellbeing 

Whatever the studies show that morning people lead happier more productive lives, what I know for sure is, the days I get up earlier I feel happier, more positive and calmer.  

If your fitness excuses ramp up, use this early time to get your daily workout done and not only will you feel smug as you like but you’ll be well on your way to feeling better thanks to exercise-induced endorphins.

You may not always feel like jumping out of bed with a happy smile on your face at early o’clock but it’s absolutely worth a go to see how getting up earlier shakes up your day.

We’d love to hear what your morning routine looks like.  How do you try to keep up productivity? Drop a comment below or contact us here and let us know!


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Guest post was written by Dawn Barnes.

I’m getting my shine back after having children, helping other mothers on my way. I’m on a big mission to help and inspire ambitious women to feel fabulous again and get more out of their life.

Find me at dawn-barnes.com

  • 101mom17 says:

    This post is so great! I will be bookmarking it and referring back to it when I need a reminder. #1 is one that I have just been figuring out myself! I feel so much better when I wake up before the kids do! Thanks for the tip!

  • Ajay Yadav says:

    This is an interesting article. Thanks for sharing.

  • whatasweetjourney says:

    Yes! I’ve started staying up an hour later than my son and it’s making all the difference in the world.

  • Good tips! My youngest is 14, so that isn’t really the issue with me. But my husband’s job ended last week, and he decided to take the summer off before starting another job so he could get some things done around the house. However, he likes to take a rest–in front of the tv–in our bedroom which is right next to my office–in the middle of the day! So I am really struggling with staying productive with both him and my son home all day. But some of these tips will help!

    • Dawn Barnes says:

      Thanks for sharing this with us that it’s not only helpful for early morning – during the day too! . I truly hope the tips have helped you stay productive whilst working at home in your office.

  • Perla Orduno says:

    Love your post! I will definitely take some of these tips into consideration!

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