Want to know which social media platform suits you and your business?

It can be hard and overwhelming focusing on all the different social media platforms all at once!

Different platforms suit different business types and also different people excel on certain platforms. If you combine what your business needs with your talents and what you enjoy, you will find the ideal platform to focus on. Once you know which platform to concentrate your efforts on, you could achieve more growth for your business sooner (as in more paying customers for minimal efforts)!

Take our quiz to find out which platform to use to grow your business!

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What does your business offer?

Are your followers/customers/clients mainly online or local?

What age bracket do your ideal customers fall into?

How many posts can you manage per day/week

What type of post do you prefer?

What kind of captions do you prefer writing?

Are you confident in selecting hashtags or keywords?

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Are you confident doing videos or live videos?

Define your business type and goal and if you are happy to pay for a scheduler such as Tailwind? ($10 per month plus)
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