Remote Control: Can You Run A Business With Just An External Workforce?

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While there is a very romantic notion associated with working from home, when you apply the perks of this to someone who runs a business and has to treat the bedroom like a boardroom, can it be done effectively? For those people who are looking to run a business, but they don’t have the funds to hire an office, what does the average entrepreneur need? And is it physically possible to keep a business going with just a remote workforce?

Outsourcing Is Your Ally

If you don’t have the money to rent physical office space, and you’re relying on your employees staying at home to complete the tasks, you’ve got to start thinking about running the business as loads of different external aspects working together as one. If you need to improve your marketing, you can very easily hire a digital marketing service to ensure that they are working on that aspect of the project effectively. The big difficulty in outsourcing when you are as external as the other components is that you have to be comprehensive in how you communicate with them all. It’s important that big picture thinking form part of your ideals but it’s very difficult when you don’t see the results in front of you as they are being developed. This requires you to make the most of the next point…

Communication Is Key

Improving your communication isn’t just beneficial for the business, but it’s a way to keep your external workers feeling like they’re part of the process. People like the idea of working at home because they are away from the business, but if you want them to feel part of the organisation, you’ve got to work harder at the most beneficial communication tools. It’s all grist to the mill as each person has their own preferred communication method. It all depends on the duties they undertake. If you have someone who has to stay focused for long periods of time, it’s unhelpful to contact them regularly throughout the day because it will distract them. On the other hand, if you’ve got delegates that you need to communicate with, they need to be easily accessible, but they also need to give you the information you need quickly. In which case the instant messaging approach wouldn’t work; pick up the phone!

Working Extra Hard At Maintaining The Feeling Of A Team

Because each aspect of the business is remote, segregated, and don’t see where they fit into the big picture, this is your responsibility to ensure they are part of the entire process and feel like a team. If you have workers dotted all across the world, this won’t be easy. But if you work at regular contact, but also doing what you can to highlight your personality, either through video conferencing or video messages, it works at providing the personality, rather than making each employee feel that they work for a faceless business.

Can you run a business with just a remote workforce? You can, but you have to realise that you may save money although you will have to expend your efforts in other ways to ensure that morale stays up.