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This is why remote working brings freedom and happiness

Why remote working? Picture this. You wake up today, you have about 4 hours of work you need to do, but the rest of the day is yours. What will you do? Go out with your kids? Wander around the shops? Picnic in the park (you’d be lucky in the UK with the amount of bad weather we have)? Watch a box set you want (need) to catch up on. You have enough income coming in to need only work 3-5 hours per day, so no money worries. Will you get the 4 hours done in the morning so the rest of the day is yours? Or will you spend the day doing what you love and work this evening once the kids are in bed?

The things you won’t need to worry about today

  1. a patronising boss
  2. unrealistic deadlines
  3. low hourly rate
  4. feeling like crap/unfulfilled/frustrated*

* delete as appropriate

What exactly does remote working mean?

Freedom is what it means. You work.. remotely. So you still have to work, yes, however you are not tied to a physical location to do this. In most cases this means online work of some description. You may actually remote work for a company and be employed under a contract, and this is great because it does usually mean a regular paycheck. However if you want the ultimate freedom then you need to freelance. You are your own boss. You decide your schedule, who you work for and who you don’t. Remote working as a freelancer means you decide what pay you work for per hour, what jobs you do and what time you do them in.

Why is remote working good for my mental health?

Regardless of whether you have a history with mental health issues or not, we all suffer stress to some degree. It’s known that work is a contributing factor in the majority of people’s lives.

Live to work or work to live.

If you can free yourself from that stress, you have won a huge battle. If you can rid yourself of high stress levels then you are much more unlikely to suffer with any mental health issues.

However, what if you are already struggling with any mental health issues such as depression or anxiety? It can depend how bad you are. If you are still able to function day-to-day and manage day-to-day task then it could be fine to set up or operate a business. You should find that run correctly, it will improve your condition. If you really aren’t very well at the moment, for example, if you couldn’t manage employment in your normal job, then now may not be quite the right time to start. You should focus on getting yourself better, the next goal could be to improve the quality of your life by remote working.

remote working

What kind of jobs can I do remote working?

  • Freelancing positions including writing, design, website building, sales, photography, consultants and many more. Visit sites like People Per Hour and Upwork to get an idea of what freelance work is available.
  • Specific remote working in your industry. If you search on job boards such as Indeed or Reed with the search term “remote” or “home based” and your industry, you should find specific jobs. You can also simply run this type of search through Google. You can also do these searches for general remote working jobs.
  • Blogger – you can start your own site through a web provider such as One.com. You can integrate WordPress into the site and use a free template. If you use this link, there is a discount for readers of As Acorns Grow and it will only cost you £5.00 for a year for an entire website, domain and mail package!
  • Social Media Influencer – If you have a strong social media presence you can have people pay you for using and reviewing their products. Even just a picture of them in your feed will bring in revenue. You would need to set up a website and direct people to it from your social media and have the ability to grow and manage social media channels. Check out @life_with_oaksandolive on Instagram for how this is done. You can really charge what ever your feed is worth, I’d suggest at least £100 for a package including a couple of posts across social media, and of course you should get the item for free.

There are many jobs when you start searching for remote working positions. I deliberately haven’t included things like filling in surveys as this is really an “extra income type of gig” rather than a “well paid job to support your family type position”.

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The perks of remote working

The perks of remote working are actually personal to you. You could travel whilst you earn money and use the money to see the world. It could be so you are at home with your family and pets. It could be because you are fed up of answering to a boss and simply want control of your own schedule. For some remote working as a self-employed person may not be for them. They may be worried about a stable income. But really, with a well thought out remote working strategy, this need not be an issue.

I’d love to hear more from you about your experiences of remote working!