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My three top tips to generating more sales in your business

Many businesses believe they can have a website, launch a service or a product and boomshackalacka they will generate sales and sell out immediately. Unfortunately, reality soon sets in and they realise it’s not that simple. The orders didn’t come flooding in as expected.

The online marketplace can be lucrative. You can make a killing. Or you can disappear in an over-saturated marketplace. There are many ways to draw the traffic to your site, but after you’ve done that, the work doesn’t stop. You need to then use strategies to convert that traffic you have spent time and energy building to much-needed sales.




1. Don’t be a pushy sales person – remember these are people with actual feelings!

Treat people as individuals. People with feelings. They don’t want to have a product or service forced on them repeatedly. You need to offer them value. Value related to your product or service. Lots of lovely value. They will recognise your business for providing value in and around this topic and they will look to you when they need something more.

I’m talking blog posts, social media posts, freebies, emails all with lots of information and value to them.

Then when it comes to the product or service itself, remember to tell your potential customer how they will feel if they buy this service. What will they gain?


2. Don’t just advertise the product directly and expect sales

Create a funnel. Even a simple one. Have them sign up for a freebie first. A freebie that offers great value and has something to do with your product or service. The people who have signed up are considered “warm traffic”. You can then begin the process of introducing your service or product to these clients. These are clients who have already seen the value you bring!

3. Ultimately you are likely to need to ask for sales

You don’t have to be pushy, but you may need to go into uncomfortable territory to close the sale. After you have given your freebies, your value, it will come to a point where you need to put your product in front of the customer and ask if they would like it. This can be verbally or in writing, maybe via email, but some statistics show that 80% of sales in businesses were the ones where the business requested the sale. Where it was pursued.


If you would like help generating more sales for your business, why not book a consultation with Hannah to discover simple tweaks to get more customers and income today.

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