Self Improvement Ideas For Busy Moms

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-orange-book-beside-laptop-3747455/

When you become a mom, it’s easy to stop focusing on yourself. Your priorities shift to your children which is of course the natural order of things, but it doesnt mean you need to give up on you. You’re still important, and self development can keep you reaching your own personal goals along with benefitting your family. Here are some ideas for going about it. 


As a busy mom, chances are you’re already pretty organised- you have to be when you’re running your own life along with your children’s (and maybe even your partners if hes particularly disorganised!) However, there’s always room for improvement, you’ve probably dropped the ball once or twice by missing appointments or getting to 5pm and realising you’ve not no ingredients in for dinner. Better organisation will avoid all of this. Utilise a big wall calendar in the kitchen so you can see everything you need to do that month at a glance. Get into the habit of meal planning and batch cooking when you can so you always have meals ready to go. Get things like clothes, packed lunches and school/ work bags ready the night before to avoid a rush in the morning. 

Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing is important for everyone, but when you’re a busy mom with others to look after as well as yourself, it’s crucial that you feel well and are energised. Eat well by cooking homemade meals, get active and get all of the family involved, you could go on long walks, bike rides, days out where you’re naturally doing a lot of walking. Try and get a good sleep too, avoid caffeine after midday since it can keep you up and aim to get most of your daily tasks done earlier in the day so you can wind down and have a more relaxed weekend. 


Education is a great way to practice self development. You’ll improve your skills and knowledge, make yourself more employable and it gives you a boost of confidence too. As moms, there aren’t all that many things we do which are just for ourselves since we’re always busy looking after others. But spending a few hours each week studying from home can be a great way to remind yourself that you still matter and your knowledge and skills are important. 

Starting a business

Working while raising a family is always going to be difficult as your family are your priority when your children are small. This can mean jobs with set hours can be tricky where you need to take time off for school holidays and child illness. But running your own business is the best of both worlds as it allows you to earn money while being completely flexible. You could set up a virtual office from home which would allow you to grow without having to spend money on physical premises, and simply outsource the work that you cant or dont want to do to third party companies or freelancers.