She Hustles Interview – My Sewing Needle – Handmade Memory Bear Business

Stephanie, 40’s, Indian Trail, NC – My Sewing Needle

What kind of business do you run?

I own and operate a memorial sewing product company that specializes in custom, personalized items made from the clothing or blankets of a loved one that passed away or items from fabric that memorializes your loved one.

My Sewing Needle is my business name and I offer custom, personalized memorial sewing products and business coaching for those who want to start or grow their own memorial sewing business.

Memorial Sewing Products include:
Memory Bears
Memory Pillows
Memory Ornaments

When did you set up the business?

“I re-opened in 2016. I have been sewing and an entrepreneur since 7 years old. From 2006-2016 I owned and operated a marketing and publicity virtual assistant business while offering sewing services privately.”

How do you work the business around any commitments like family and friends, hobbies, other jobs?

“I schedule my family and friends first, then I schedule my daily exercise, time with God, and my business. I work 9-12 hours per day, 7 days a week. By planning my month out in advance (my sales goals, my speaking gigs, my vacation days, etc) I can take a few days off in a row without having to play “catch up”.”



Did you have any money to start the business?

“No, however, my husband purchased me a new sewing machine from WalMart because my last one was worked to its death. So, I could say yes, I needed the money for a new sewing machine.”

Was it difficult to start? What was the biggest challenge? How did you overcome this?

“No, this business was not difficult to start. The biggest challenge was sharing pictures of the completed items because most have been made and ordered for Christmas gifts which means my customers do not want to share the products with their family and friends open them. I overcame this by making a few as gifts for my family members and they began to share and show with others.”

Is it difficult to run now? What is the biggest challenge? How do you overcome this?

“No, this business is not difficult to run once you know what you ‘don’t know’. There are many things that must be in place before jumping into the memorial sewing business, which is why I now offering coaching.”

Any future plans for the business?

“Yes, I am expanding into a nonprofit and also publishing a book.”

Would you do anything differently?


Do you ever struggle with self-doubt?

“No, I’ve been a business owner for over 30 years, I have since conquered the ‘evil voice of doubt’.”

Any Advice for others wanting to start a business?

“Yes, seek advice from an experienced business coach that already ‘walks the walk, and talks the talk’ when it comes to this very specific business. Do not think you know everything about everything, because rules, laws, regulations, and technology change on a daily basis. It’s helpful to have a few business owners on your side as you start or grow your memorial sewing business.”

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/memorybearbusinesscoach/

Instagram – @my_sewing_needle

Website – http://www.mysewingneedle.com

Email – mysewingneedle@gmail.com