She Hustles Smarter Not Harder

I once received an email from a person I really respected saying how they rejected “hustle”. They went on to define “hustle” as a negative thing, saying it’s about working endlessly like a hamster on wheel, going round and round and round.

See I don’t see hustling like that at all. My aim, for example, is to hustle for just a few hours per day maximum and just 3-4 days a week…. but for a full time income!

That’s hustling smart, not hustling endlessly. The problem isn’t with hustling… it’s with how you hustle.

Let’s put it another way. You need to sweep up leaves from a path. Do you

(A) grab a decent outdoor broom and start swiftly brushing in one direction, with a bag or bin ready to collect the pile of leaves at the end


(B) walk to one end, pick up a leaf with your fingers, walk back to the other end and place it in the bin. Repeat for the next 5 hours until done.

The job gets done either way, but I think we’d all agree that B is a waste of your precious time.


Here’s some ways I do this;

A list a day keeps hard hustle away

As a fairly organised person, I do love a good list. I am a huge advocate of Trello. I am bloody obsessed with it, to be honest! I like the fact I can access it via an app and on my desktop. However you chose to write your lists I recommend having a few lists;

  1. Standard every day to do list. A list of jobs that must be done every day, e.g. checking email, posting to social media.
  2. Standard weekly list. The jobs that you can get away with once a week, for example, updates to your website or maybe writing one or two blog posts.
  3. To do list. The ad hoc one-off tasks that you need to get done. I like to use Trello as I can put them in order of priority.

Hustle in your sleep

This doesn’t mean getting up in the middle of the night to do emails, but rather creating a passive income. There’s nothing quite like the joy of waking up to notifications saying you’ve received money whilst you sleep! Think about what you do, even if it’s service based, you may be able to offer a guidebook, a course, a printable that you can sell to support your work.

Outsource your hustle

Another way to help you achieve more and work less is by hiring a virtual assistant to do the work for you. As soon as income allows in the business hand out admin tasks so you can keep being creative in your business or have more time for yourself.

There are a ton of ways you can work more efficiently, and you can reduce the hours you work by growing a business and hiring a team. But to get to this stage you have to hustle hard. That doesn’t mean not taking care of yourself. It doesn’t mean working endless hours. It means prioritising, doing the tasks that make a difference and being consistent. It means planning.

So don’t reject hustle. Just hustle smarter.