Side-Hustle Advice From Legit Side-Hustlers

The time for sitting back and hoping your life will change is over. You’re underappreciated, understimulated, and undervalued, so you need a new lane. Your side-hustle is the perfect opportunity because it has the potential and you have the passion. Put them together and the startup should blossom into a fully-fledged business.


Stop me if I’m wrong, but there’s a problem, right? Yep, you have no idea where to start. Juggling two lives isn’t straightforward, which is why lots of side-hustles fail on the regular. The good news is bona fide hustlers have been there and done it. Even better, they love to share their experiences.


Here are some of their best tips.


Don’t Burn Yourself Out

Having two full-time jobs is a hassle. There’s no doubt about it. However, it’s necessary if you’re going to break out into the industry and take it by storm. So, you work hard and burn the midnight oil in the hopes that things will pick up soon. Experts believe burning the candle at both ends is dangerous because you don’t have enough time to relax. Usually, the standard of work drops according to her. Rather than working long, try and do fewer hours but get more done in a short space of time.


Give Up

“Hang on a minute – you should never give in, not if it’s your passion.” As commendable as this attitude is, it isn’t realistic. Why? It’s because there is too much on your plate and you haven’t got the stomach to clear it. So, it’s better to give up on the things which are less important than carrying on working yourself to death. It can be side-hustle or out-of-the-office-related. For example, lots of people find that going to the gym three times a week is too much and cut down to once or twice. Don’t be scared to cut your losses.


Hire A Solicitor

No one likes this piece of advice yet it’s a handy tool to keep in mind. Having a day in court is inevitable as you’re bound to ruffle some feathers. If these big birds have plenty of resources, then they’ll peck your head with legal papers. Sadly, it’s the way of the industry. Therefore, an expert that covers everything from a construction accident to intellectual property is a wise choice. Or, you can hire solicitors separately depending on the situation. Either way, have a firm on retainer for when the papers get served.

Wake Up And Get The Worm

The idea of working Sunday to Sunday isn’t appealing. Weekends are for chilling and seeing friends and getting away from the office. Taking on your side-hustle can eat into these activities and add more tension to your life. To avoid it, be like the early bird and wake up and catch the worm. If emails need writing and sending, do it while you’re eating breakfast before going into the office. That way, there’s time to do things in the evenings and on weekends.


Do you have the spark to turn your hustle into a career?


  • Doug Paulson says:

    Great advise! Getting your side hustle going is important, but not at the expense of burning yourself out. Or getting yourself frustrated and ultimately end up giving up. For me I agree with what you said about getting up early. I can easily work a extra couple of hours a day and then have my weekends to chill out. Thanks for sharing.

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