Signs You Might Need To Upgrade Your Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy is something entirely personal to your business, what you offer, and what you’d like to achieve. You must remember that you can’t simply copy and paste another company’s marketing strategy and get results. You need a strategy that has been well thought out, that suits your audience, and your vision for the future. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the signs you might need to upgrade your marketing strategy. Take a look!

Your Strategy Is 2-3 Years Old

If your strategy is 2-3 years old, then it’s definitely time you had a look at what could be changed around. As things change so quickly all over the internet these days, you can’t keep one strategy forever and get results. You need to keep a keen eye on changes in your industry and in marketing, as well as the results you’re getting so you know whether what you’re doing needs to change. This is why you need to stay flexible. Many of the best companies consistently tweak and hone their efforts so they are always getting the best results from their strategy.

Your Audience’s Tastes Have Changed

How do you know if your audience’s tastes have changed? Just listen to them! They will no doubt be giving you all kinds of clues on social media and customer support. Your business is for them, so make sure you really pay attention.

You’re Not Demonstrating Your Knowledge

Any kind of company, whether you’re a dog grooming business or a company that sells Kangoo shoes, should be demonstrating their knowledge on the subject of what they do. This means always providing your audience with a fresh stream of content. It keeps them coming back to you and ensures you stay in the forefront of their minds. It also shows that you are credible and to be trusted, and will give people more of an incentive to work with you.


You’re Not Getting Enough Attention From Your Marketing Company

If you have a marketing company take care of things like SEO and PPC for you because you simply do not have the time to do everything that marketing entails alongside running your company. If you know you haven’t been getting enough information and feedback from your marketing company on how your strategy is going, it could be time to change to one that is more customer focused.

You’re Not On Social Media

Social media is a fantastic tool for marketing, and it’s free. You should be using it to your advantage to reach your audience and build relationships. There’s a right and a wrong way to use it, so make sure you figure this out. Don’t simply spam people with adverts!

You Haven’t Been Checking Your Analytics

Analytics are a must for knowing if what you’re doing is really working. You should have one eye on them at all times! If you haven’t been looking at them, there’s a good chance your strategy does not excite you.

Do any of the above signs ring true for you?