Skills That Pay the Bills: Improving Your Employability When You’re a Mom

As women we have it tough; having a family while maintaining a career or working towards our own goals is always going to be tricky. One thing that can pose a problem is when you take off a number of years to raise your family you’re left with a gap in your employment history, which although unfair, can be looked on unfavourably by employers. But no need to fret, there are things you can be doing as a mom to build your skills and improve your employablility when you return to work. Here are some ideas!



Undertake some more education

Thanks to online colleges and universities, education is more accessible than ever before. You can sign up to a course and study online, from home in a flexible way. This is perfectly suited to busy moms, you might not have been able to commit to full time study when you’re looking after a baby or child, but you may well be able to fit it in around these duties. Gaining qualifications is the best way to improve your employability, even if you’re taking time out to raise your children, you’ll find it easier to get the job you want when you return to work. It can also help you to maintain your identity, which is so easily lost when you have a baby. It allows you to continue working towards your own personal goals, while still being at home and available for your family. If you don’t already have a graduate degree, gaining one will open the door to lots of entry level jobs that you can work your way up in. If you already have a degree, you could study for a masters and apply for higher paid positions when you go back to work.


Start a side hustle

Everyone should have a side hustle. Thanks to the internet, it’s possible for just about anyone to make a little extra money online, regardless of your skills, interests or time limits. You could start a blog, buy and sell items for a profit or monetise a skill or craft you enjoy such as baking or sewing. There are plenty of residual income ideas so it’s worth taking a look at. It’s something you could do around your parenting duties, and again prevents you from having large gaps in employment history. A side hustle builds skills which employers covet, and it looks impressive when you can say that you’ve created a company from scratch.


Start up an interesting hobby

A fun yet unexpected way to improve your employability is to start up some new hobbies. Employers like people that are well-rounded, who enjoy different interests. Your hobbies can help you to stand out, and can also be a clue about other skills that you have. You don’t have all the time in the world as a busy mom, but hobbies can help to keep you sane and could be the difference between an employer choosing you over a similar candidate later down the line.