Small Business Organisation Tips


Running a small business is something which takes a lot of time and effort and it is something which can help you find financial freedom if you do it right. There are many different elements which come together to form the perfect business and a mixture of these things are needed if you want to thrive and stand out from the rest. Today we are going to take a look at some of the ways we can manage our time and our work to be more productive each day.

Log your time

When it comes to managing your own time during the day in order to stay organised, it is important for you to have a time and attendance system which you can use to see what you and your team are doing. Making sure that everyone is present and working hard is always important for you to do and it is crucial that you take the time out to manage this carefully for maximum productivity.

Discipline yourself

When you move away from your old job and you decide to go it alone in your own business, there will be one huge feature of your workplace which will be absent: a boss. Now that you are alone and running your own business you are your own boss, and this means you need to make sure you stay on track. You won’t have anyone giving you deadlines any longer and this means that you need to step up and work on these yourself. Make sure that you take the time out to manage your own work and create deadlines which you have to stick to with it all.

Colour code everything

If in doubt, colour it. If you are a business owner or even a worker who simply has a lot of projects to work on at the same time, it is important for you to be able to see what work you need at short notice. Instead of having piles of paperwork on your desk make sure that you put everything into different coloured folders depending on what kind of project they are. It means that when you need to find a piece of work you can go straight to the correct folder instead of spending ages looking for something in a pile of white paper.

Spreadsheet it

If you are always working on a lot of small tasks at the same time, a good idea for you would be to make a spreadsheet where you can monitor your work and make sure that you are on track with each and every task. You can add columns above for weeks of the year and then write your tasks on rows down the spreadsheet. As the year progresses you can add orange for in progress tasks, green for completed and red for behind. This will keep you in check and make sure you are organised and aware of what work you are doing and the things which you need to work harder on or push forward.

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