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5 compelling reasons to get business advice for your small business

As a small business owner, we know that business and social media move super fast. You have to be willing to adapt and go with the flow and trends to ensure your business keeps up. But what if you don’t want to just keep up? What if you want to be ahead of the game?

Hang on a second. At this point, you could think you are just keeping your head above water. Your schedule is out of control, you go between having a million ideas and not knowing where to start, to having zero ideas and zero customers. You aren’t getting the income you want, and you realised that Pinterest post promising you a passive income for 1 hours work a month was probably a lie.

So what do you do? Try getting business advice. Two good options are business strategists and business coaches. If you are unsure of the difference you can check this out here.

Here are 5 good reasons to use a Business Strategist

1. Focus

There is so much going on day to day in your business. From fixing issues with your website through to sending a million emails. It’s easy to get distracted from your goals. It’s easy to lose focus. Even easier to get lost in the noise. A session with a business strategist can get you back in the zone and on track. You will be refocussed on driving your business forward with a plan of action.

2. Updates in the fast-paced world of small business

Social media alone is forever changing, let alone strategies and techniques. A business strategist should be ahead of the game, they can make sure your business is also. You probably don’t have time to spend hours on Google working out how to market your business with the latest changes on Instagram. Let someone else tell you exactly how to maximise opportunities for your business.


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3. Connect the dots

Something might not be quite right in your business. The result may be that customers are coming, but not spending. You’re getting traffic but email sign up numbers are low. You don’t get engagement despite posting daily with all the hashtags! There will be a “disconnect”. A missing puzzle piece. Two dots that need joining. Your small business strategist is the person who can take a holistic look at your business and move it past this point.


4. Tell you the truth

To connect the dots sometimes you need to hear something you may not want about your business. If you have worked for 4 days straight on your website, but it’s still doing your business more harm than good, it may be better to know this, than to turn off potential customers. Sometimes we can be too close to a project to see it from another objective point of view.

A bit like when you wore that outfit, felt great, then saw the pictures the next day and wondered why your friends didn’t mention that was possibly the least flattering outfit you owned. I’m that friend that will really kindly tell you those leather hot pants are not your actual friend and hand you the most flattering pants in your wardrobe. The kind of friend you need!


5. Faster easier small business growth

You can totally do this alone. Like someone who has never swum before could get in a pool after Googling “how to swim”, and eventually teach themselves to swim. If they don’t learn to swim, the alternative is… well… not a great one.

It’s the same in business. You either struggle through until you eventually, often much pain, heartache and time, hit that goal. Or you sink. Your small business disappears under the surface of your niche, to rest in the depths with all the other businesses who couldn’t strive or swim any more.

Or you hire a swimming teacher – a Small Business Strategist (waves hands at you!)

Make your life easier by getting a professional to show you how to do it, teach you how to do it, encourage you, hold your hand, support you and more.

Why struggle or even worse give up on your dream, when someone who really loves to and wants to work with you is there to help?

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