Staying Ahead Of the Crowd In An Ultra-Competitive Field

In the 21st century, there are more opportunities than ever for proactive self-starters with an entrepreneurial mindset. The digital age allows us unparalleled access to online learning sites to help us build our skills, business mentors to help us to build and refine our business plans and a wealth of business lenders who can give you the funding that you need to make your business a reality even if the banks slam their doors in your face. The trouble is that while you may have access to these digital boons, so to do your competitors. If you’ve set up shop in an area that’s rife with competition the good news is that there’s significant interest for the services and products that you offer. The bad news is that your competitors will resort to all manner of underhanded and devious means to get the jump on your fledgeling enterprise.


Here’s how you will stay one step ahead of the crowd…


Take appropriate steps to boost your SEO

We all know that search engine rankings are an important way to position yourself ahead of your competitors but the logistics of doing this elude some businesses. Some are aware that posting regular content to your website is a great way to get an organic SEO boost yet this can lead them to spam their own websites with low cost, low quality blog posts outsourced to third rate overseas content farms. If you want to outsource your content at least use a reputable agency.


Specificity is hugely important for SEO. Let’s say you’re a lawyer with years of experience in personal injury claims. You know that “personal injury lawyer” is SEO kryptonite with so many competitors out there, but advertising yourself as a truck accident lawyer is more unique and will allow clients who have been involved in truck accidents to find you and get valuable information to help them.


When it comes to SEO it helps to decide whether you want to conquer the local market, the national market or the international market as each option will affect how you approach your SEO. The sites you approach for link building opportunities, where and how you list your site and even the languages you write in can play a huge part in influencing your SEO at home or abroad.


Optimize your landing page

If you operate in a competitive field and people land on your online presence, you have a very limited window of opportunity to engage the user. One way to do this is with a quality landing page. The copy you post on this page can make a huge difference in whether users engage with your site or simply bounce away from you. Your landing page should be easy to navigate, easy to read and explain succinctly what you can offer users that your competitors can’t. It should also have a compelling call to action to encourage users to contact you, sign up to your email newsletter or make a purchase.


Never take your eye off the competition

Finally, as important as it is to keep your eyes on your own work, you should always check in on your competition every now and then. Find out where they are ranking above you in SEO terms and take steps to find out why. Find out what they offer their customers that you don’t currently offer yours. You can’t be the best if you’re working in a vacuum!