Staying Physically And Emotionally Safe In Your Career

Your career can bring you a sense of joy and accomplishment, providing you’re in the right role and the right organization. Feeling physically and emotionally safe in your career is so important – working somewhere you feel safe every day will add to your overall wellbeing. However, many people don’t actually feel this safe, and it can give them anxiety and cause them a lot of stress in the long run.


Here, we’re going to talk about what it means to feel physically and emotionally safe in your career so you can take better care of your interests, and perhaps even start a conversation about it with your boss if you need to:



Why Speaking To Your Boss Is Important

If you already know you don’t feel physically or emotionally safe in your career, it could be time to speak to your boss. Things like sexual assault seem to be more prominent in some industries than others, and it’s your bosses job to make sure that they do not condone this type of behaviour or let it slide under the radar. Refusing to let colleagues do things that equate to this and speaking to your boss about it as soon as you notice it going on is imperative.


It doesn’t even have to be physical sexual assault that makes people feel uncomfortable – perhaps inappropriate jokes are being made, which could then compromise your emotional safety and wellbeing. It’s up to your leader to create a safe space to work, so make sure you do something about it, as hard as it may be.


If nothing is done, then it’s time to either blow the whistle or get out of there. However, it’s usually better to say something as it isn’t nice to think that somebody else could be put in a similar, uncomfortable position in the future. It isn’t just sexual assault that people find prominent in a workplace; whatever is going on that you know isn’t right should be brought to light.


What To Say When You Speak Out

Make sure you make your expectations clear when speaking out. People who feel safe and accepted are more productive, so make sure you highlight this and hopefully, your boss will listen. Legal requirements and HR policies are also worth mentioning. Hopefully, your boss will feel just as strongly as you do about creating a safe work environment for everybody. If there are physical risks and hazards that you have noticed at work, then write these down and bring them up. It’s common to get hurt on a construction site and in similar environments, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hazards and dangers in an office that could lead to people being hurt.


When people feel safe in their roles, both physically and emotionally, they will enjoy coming in to work more, complete a higher standard of work, and help the business to build up a positive reputation. People should feel like they can carry out their jobs and be themselves without fear of serious harm coming to them or ridicule from colleagues. Do what is right!