Taking Business Into Your Own Hands Is Mission Critical Now

This pandemic has been quite a shock for most of us. Businesses have come to realize that partnerships and deals with clients don’t always work out as one might think they would. What happens when you can’t rely on others? What happens when you simply cannot deliver to your customers because your B2B partners are unable to operate? We’ve seen what happens during this lockdown, businesses simply collapse. Customers turn to someone else to fulfill their needs and before you know, your brand is but a distant memory. You can stop all this from happening, but you have to be willing to commit to taking business firmly into your own hands.

Invest in local marketing

One day this lockdown will be over. But what if similar circumstances happen during ‘normal’ working days? Right now, you can’t deliver products to far-flung customers. The highways are shut. But really, it’s the same when they are full. Your products don’t get anywhere fast. Instead, you have to rely on the locals. This is why you need to invest in local SEO. These solutions will include claiming a Google business listing. This way, customers can find you on Google Maps on via quick local or ‘near me’ searches. Create a social media image that is both national as well as local by setting your location settings to your real-world location. Use hashtags of the cities, towns, and villages you’re near. Interact with locals online. It only takes one click to see someone’s bio or post and see where they are posting from.

Forge your own fleet

This lockdown has shown how small businesses have come on leaps and bounds. SMEs are incredibly flexible and many retail businesses have resorted to making local deliveries themselves. Local restaurants have begun to deliver restaurant-quality meals to customers at home, as well as local retail stores for beds, furniture, and cake shops to name a few. But what if you didn’t have to use your own car to make these deliveries? What if you could create your very own fleet? Speak with a trusted Truck Dealer to see what kind of options you have for haulage requirements. They will show you a range of models that are used by all major companies as well as more affordable but just as reliable truck brands. There’s something emboldening about having your own fleet because you are able to bridge the gap between you and your customers at ground level. 

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Keep staying relevant

Don’t sit back and wait for this lockdown to blow over, it’s time you started to hold live streams on social media. Customers are blown away when they see business owners of the businesses they use, speaking to them, and answering their questions. This is something that CEOs like Tim Cook from Apple and Elon Musk from Tesla have been doing for quite some time. Show your face, speak directly to consumers and you’ll find you slowly become a part of their normal daily lives.

We’ve all woken up to the fact that when push comes to shove, the majority of business owners are on their own. You need to take a firm grasp of your business, everything from the marketing, deliveries to the social media interaction.