Why the speed and security of your website matters

I was just having a chat with a friend over our WordPress frustrations. She had the most amazing responsive theme in terms of how the site looked but it was really affecting the speed of her website.

So why does it matter?

The speed and security of your website is super important. Think about it from your customer’s perspective. If they want to view something on your page and they just find the whirling wheel of death, chances are they won’t stick around and you’ve just lost a potential customer.

I think a slow website is like being on hold for ages, it’s just poor customer service and a reflection on you. It’s almost like you don’t care.

You don’t want to compromise on security either. Think data breaches, theft of data and credit card details in the wrong hands. One word – headache. And probably some big fines, don’t forget about those.

Our good friend Google also loves a fast site. It picks up on abandonment, so basically if someone loses all hope on your site and buggers off then Google doesn’t like it. You then get scored in the abandonment section. The more Google doesn’t like you, the less you show in search results. Not helpful.

So what can you do?

Well first of all you’ll want to check the speed – is there an issue with your website? You can use tools such as this one from Pingdom.

If you’ve got a few issues, then Hrank.com have a great little guide to take you through some steps to resolve it.

If you are on WordPress here’s a few specific tips.

Bare minimum make sure you delete anything you don’t need on your website, consider big images and really think about the handling of data and make sure you’re compliant.