The 4 Best Things About Being a Freelancer

A lot of blogs will tell you that you should take the prospect of freelancing with a grain of salt. That you should approach it carefully and with some apprehension. That you shouldn’t quit your day job just yet and begin your freelancing career as a side hustle to insulate yourself from the inherent risks. They’ll likely bemoan the lack of holiday or sick pay or paid annual leave and tell you that your livelihood is inextricably linked to your ability to stay productive come what may.

Image by Asawin via PxHere

And all of that is very sage and sensible advice. However, it shouldn’t put you off pursuing a rewarding and potentially lucrative career as a freelancer. Because here’s the thing…

Freelancing rocks!

Does it have its caveats? Of course! Find me a way of making money that does (other than, perhaps winning the lottery). But if you have your sights set on freelancing, just remember that this is what awaits you…

No horrible morning commutes for you… Ever!

Most of us start our working day in the worst possible way… By swearing loudly at queues of traffic and scrambling frenziedly from the car park to our desks. Hardly a recipe for a cheery disposition and a day of productivity. And that’s if you’re lucky enough not to have a boss who’s staring at you disapprovingly and tapping his watch when you walk through the door. 

When you’re a freelancer you can enjoy a slow build up to your working day. Do some yoga, have a coffee, take some deep breaths and prepare yourself for a happy and productive day. 

You can travel wherever you want, and take the office with you!

No longer need your work curtail your travel plans. In fact, wherever on the planet you go you can take your work with you. Whether you want to spend a week in premiere serviced apartments in Southampton or a fortnight working out of a cafe in Bali. Wherever there’s a powerpoint and reliable WiFi, that’s your office, baby! No longer need you sacrifice productivity for seeing as much of the world as you like. In fact, there are legions of digital nomads all over the planet right now with no fixed addresses. As long as they have their laptops they don’t need an office, a desk or even a home. It’s a wonderful way to see the world without having to take a break from work.

You can work around the things that matter most to you

How many of your son’s school plays have you missed because you had to work late? How many times have you missed your daughter’s karate grading, football match or dance recital because you had to stay behind to tie up administrative loose ends?

The beauty of freelancing is that it allows you to plan your work life around the things that really matter… Rather than the other way around.

You’re free from malicious workplace gossip and office politics

And finally… You might find that you miss your old colleagues every once in a while. But one thing you won’t miss is the way in which office dynamics can toxify the workplace. You won’t miss the palpable tension when two colleagues who don’t get on have to share the same space or the awkwardness when two people who were aggressively flirtatious at the office party have to face each other in the cold light of day. 

Freelancers are insulated from the petty politics and harmful gossip of the work environment. They are free of distraction and demoralisation and can focus on getting the job done without worrying about dodgy workplace relations.