The benefits of a mobile app – And the pitfalls to avoid!

There are lots of benefits to having a mobile app, whilst they can bring a new way of communicating with your audience, a mobile app can bring you brand recognition but also comes with a number of pitfalls to look out for.

In this article, we will cover the main benefits of having an app and also outline some of the pitfalls that you should be aware of.

Before you even think of speaking with an app developer it’s worth asking yourself what the purpose and objective of your app is.

Is it to capture more sales at the click of a button?

Is it to increase brand awareness?

Is it to push sales messages and promotions?

Is it to offer a new level of customer support?

Whatever it is be sure to keep the focus of your app at the forefront of your mind when developing your app.

Here are some of the benefits of an app:


Be in your customers pocket

Market directly: With an app, you are on one of your customers most valued possessions, their mobile phone. When you are in someone’s pocket it gives you the opportunity to be front of mind.

Firstly, someone has raised their hand and said that they are interested in what you are offering by downloading your app – This allows you to laser focus your message to your audience and send your message straight to their pocket and be front of mind.


Increase customer loyalty

By having an app and being front of mind you can increase customer loyalty by having your marketing messages constantly in front of the eyeballs of your customers.

With all the crowding in email, TV, websites, direct mail and billboards you can use your app to cut through the noise and go straight to the pocket of your customer.


Build a community

By integrating Social Media functions into your app you can grow your audience by using your customers as social media influencers. You can integrate social logins to allow people to log in to your app and share your products/messages/offers across their social network, helping spread your marketing message/special offer at the click of a button.


Compliment your existing website

A website is great to provide lots of information about your business/product/service, but all of that information may not be practical within an app.

With an app your product/service is in someone’s pocket and just a single click away from what it is that you offer. An app can reinforce your marketing messages, build loyalty and act as a tool to compliment your existing website.


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There are also pitfalls of an app, here’s a rundown of a few pitfalls to avoid:

Bad User Experience (UX)

UX is absolutely key these days, more than just a buzzword, it is actually fundamental to any website or app that you develop. UX is all about the experience the user of your app gets when using your app.

Some bad UX experiences can include:

  • Content not fitting the screen properly
  • Buttons to small/incorrect touch points
  • Ease of navigation – going forwards and backwards through your app
  • Resources/load time – using too many resources that your app is laggy and drains the battery or is even slow to load and function.

Ensure your app is an app and not a mobile website

So many times we hear of clients who have “apps” only when we take a look at them only to find that the app is some sort of short link which is nothing more than an icon the user mobiles phone that links to their website and opens up within a built in browser to give the impression of an app but is nothing more than a shortcut to a mobile website.

Apps and mobile websites are built completely different using different programming languages and apps often work without an internet connection.

The biggest pitfall we usually hear of when it comes to developing an app is:


No marketing plan

It’s all great and well having the greatest app ever on the face of planet earth, but if there’s no marketing for it then no one will ever find your app.

Just submitting to the app store isn’t enough, you need to promote it within the apps tore, promote it to your list and you could even try getting early traction on platforms such as Product Hunt, betalist or Beta Family.



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