The Biggest Cyber Security Threats


Unfortunately, cyber security threats come from all angles, which is why businesses need sophisticated and effective solutions in place to combat them. A lot of business owners are shocked to discover that the biggest threat actually comes from their own staff. Often staff members are not responsible for intentional breaches, but a lack of security awareness can lead to serious problems. 

There seems to be a distinct disregard for data security, with a Cisco survey uncovering that a massive 62 per cent of employees felt their behaviour only had a low impact on security; whilst 39 per cent of those interviewed did not even realise that their company had a security policy. Of the 61 per cent that believed their company did have a policy in place, 48 per cent said they weren’t concerned about it, as it did not affect them. This shows that more education is needed regarding network security, which is why security consultancy services are recommended. 

Of course, insider attacks and breaches are only part of the problem when it comes to cyber security threats. Cyber crime is a big issue, with hackers becoming more sophisticated and intelligent all of the time. They use a whole host of tactics to try and break into systems, from malware to attacking via third parties. With regards to the latter, this shows why you need to choose a reliable provider for cloud services, like https://www.simplyclouds.com/cloud-services/microsoft-office-365. From spam to finding loopholes, such as weak passwords, hackers have many tools at their disposal when trying to breach a system, which is why network security needs to be extremely tight.

Hire A Cyber Security Consultant

SC Magazine predicts that almost 60 per cent of small businesses fail within six months of being hacked. A lot of people tend to assume that data breaches only happen to big businesses. We have already established that this is not the case and sadly when small companies experience a data breach they often find it much, much more difficult to retain lost ground. After all, they don’t have the resources to deal with the financial implications, and as their consumer bases are often much smaller, the damage can be significant if the relationships are shot to pieces. It really is not worth the risk. The only real motive for not hiring a cyber security consultant is to save money.

However, whilst you will need to make an initial investment, you will be saving your company a considerable amount of money in the long run. You protect your business, your customers and your profit. In truth, you should start looking for a quality cyber security consultant sooner rather than later. Not only can these professionals advise you on the best steps for moving forward, but also they can perform security tests, such as penetration testing. These tests are designed to find weaknesses within your system. By finding vulnerabilities, the company can then show you their findings, with a list of prioritised steps on the best way to deal with the weak spots so that a hacker does not exploit them.