The Core Components Of A Likeable Brand

If you’re an entrepreneur, then you know that a business’ brand matters. In fact, everybody knows that. Consumers know that branding matters, and that’s why we lean towards bigger companies with established reputations when buying the goods we need. Still, building a successful brand isn’t as simple as putting on a big smile and waiting for potential clients to come to you. It’s a competitive marketplace, and you have to put time and effort into cultivating a reputable image for your business. So, with that in mind, here are the core components of a likeable brand.

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Likeable staff members.

As mentioned in the introduction of this post, your business will need more than big smiles to impress its target audience. Still, that doesn’t mean the likeability of your workers is irrelevant. Obviously, consumers know that a brand is comprised of more than individual employees, but their interactions with individual employees still affect the way they perceive companies. You need likeable staff members if you want to build a likeable brand. So, treat your workers in the way you’d like them to treat your customers. Give them perks such as a pool table in the breakroom. Give them regular bonuses for working hard. Celebrate their achievements with ‘employee of the month’ awards and other similar forms of recognition. If they feel appreciated, they’ll be happier, and that will improve your customer service. Obviously, the hiring process is essential to finding the best candidates, but creating the right working conditions is crucial, too.

An exceptional service.

Of course, customer service depends on more than happy employees. It depends on the quality of the goods that you provide and the timeliness of your service. A customer will still be irritated about slow service or a low-quality product, even if the workers are friendly. You need to focus on quality control. In fact, you need to exceed expectations. For example, you could surprise clients with free gifts whenever they make a purchase. Firebox is a gift site that includes sugary treats with every order, for instance. And you should go the extra mile when packaging products, as well. You might want to include foam polystyrene in packages to provide extra protection for the products that you deliver. This would show your clients that you take great care in delivering goods securely, and that would make your brand more likeable.

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A place in the community.

If you want your local community to accept you, then you have to integrate with it. Nobody likes a money-hungry business that views its customers as nothing more than a means to an end. In order for your brand to be likeable, you have to show your human side. This goes beyond the first point, regarding likeable employees. This is about showing that you value more than your profits. Obviously, your company needs money to keep the lights on, but you need to show that you got into the business world for bigger reasons.

You could donate to local charities in your town or city, for starters. That would also give customers a reason to buy your products or services because they’d know that some of the money from their purchase would go towards a worthwhile cause. Perhaps you could give something back to the community by offering free business classes to aspiring entrepreneurs, as well. That would demonstrate your generous nature, too. Every small act of kindness will help to improve your company’s reputation and create a more likeable brand identity for your business. You might also want to improve the sustainability of your operations. That would reduce your company’s costs, help the planet, and impress consumers in your target market. That’s a win-win-win situation.

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