Guilty of these Packaging Problems?

When it comes to starting a business nowadays, website is the word. This is now the first place customers come to find you. To ensure that all-important first impression strikes the right chord you should’ve looked into everything from website design to content creation. If you’re really on top, you might even have hired an outside company to take care of things.

Either way, you’re 100% certain your all-important website is as good as it could be. The orders coming in certainly suggest that you’re getting things right. Even if customers don’t buy, they’re interacting with your email newsletter. After all your effort, you feel as though you can kick back and put your feet up.

Or, can you? It’s fantastic your website is doing so well, but that’s far from the only thing you need to worry about. Website customers place physical orders, after all. If your deliveries aren’t up to scratch, you’ll soon lose the love regardless of how good your site is. To make sure it doesn’t happen, keep reading to find out about the packaging mistakes you might not realize you’re making.

Bland boxes

Packaging online orders has become a business task in itself. While plain boxes may have passed muster in recent years, that isn’t the case anymore. At least, it isn’t if you want to keep the impression your website has made for you. From looking at you online, customers assume you’re a company who take care. So, do the same with your packages. Invest in patterned or coloured boxes which look a little different. Tie your packages with pretty ribbons, or even string. You can even seal them with a fake wax seal to add a touch of personality. Either way, make sure yours isn’t ‘just another package.’

No branding

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Not branding your boxes is another major mistake. In fact, this is a missed opportunity. Putting visible branded stickers on your boxes means other potential customers might spot them on their journey. It also helps to make your packages more appealing. This way, customers know what you’re about the moment you land on their doorstep. This is their first physical interaction with you, after all. Make it count.

Nothing extra

Packaging extras are no longer rarities. Nowadays, any business worth their salt will include these as standard. You don’t need to go mad with these. Something as simple as a tote bag or branded lanyard as offered by Dynamic Gift would be enough. Even including a handwritten postcard of thanks could do the trick. Either way, only including the ordered item is sure to leave your packages a little lacking. This also fails to provide customers an incentive to return. That’s what your efforts here are really all about.

With the above in mind, it’s past time you started spending a little more time on your packaging methods. You should put as much focus here as you do on your website itself. Then, you can ensure your packages make the entrance they deserve.