The Spiritual, Entrepreneur Mother

Life before becoming a “Spiritual Mumpreneur”

Being a mum and a step-mum brings with it its own challenges of not really putting yourself first, not understanding your worth and fighting for any bit of free time you can get. Do your evenings consist of feeding the kids (munching on their leftovers), bathing the kids (where a splash in the face feels like some sort of new, trendy spa treatment), putting them to bed (wrestling with some sort of ape- saves a trip to the gym) and then sitting down on your phone all evening for a bit of “me” time??

Yep! I remember those days… I used to watch all these spiritual, mindful, mums on Instagram and blogs and think to myself…

How the heck will I ever find time to meditate, journal and even think about manifesting my best future with…

1.5 kids, 1 business, 1 part-time job and 1 part-time degree…oh, and planning my wedding too!?

But, I found a way…


Well, it’s not much of a secret. I just get up half an hour before the kids do!  So, my morning routine involves 10 minutes of meditation, 10 minutes of journaling and then 10 minutes visualising and manifesting my goals for the day. BUT the biggest thing I do? Put MYSELF first. Now by this, I don’t mean my kids starve or stay dirty, but what I am saying is, sometimes I put them to bed early with a film on so I can have time to do stuff for me!


Me time

Now, those 3 hours of “me” time I would get in the evening to sit on my phone? Well, I started reading, listening to podcasts, having my own baths and spending time with my other half sharing our dreams and plans for our family.


Spiritual Woo- Woo

I started to read up about the law of attraction and all of the other laws of the universe and my whole perspective on life completely changed. I’ve always been a bit “woo-woo” anyway. Questioning the way of the world and wondering about all things bigger than me.  There was just something about these laws that made sense. As I was reading them, it wasn’t like I was learning, it was more of an agreement and finally seeing on paper what I had known all along.

So, spirituality can start to make you feel more in touch with the world and yourself. But, as a mum, what made me finally decide to start putting myself first?

The realisation, that no one else will. Ever. I am the only person responsible for my happiness, my relaxation and my “me” time. AND, most of all…a happy, mindful mother and step-mother makes happy, mindful children. They have grown up to learn to put themselves first. Most importantly, that they are the only people responsible for their happiness and what an amazing adult that would be!



You are your child’s role model. Think about what adults you want them to grow up to be…and let that, if nothing else, be your reason for putting yourself first today!



Guest post was written by Victoria

I am a mind-set coach, specifically helping mums, step-mums and entrepreneurs to grow their self worth and learn to invest money and time in themselves.

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