The Things to Consider When Choosing a New Office Space

If you are looking to move your business to new premises, or are going to take your home-based business to the next level, then the office space that you choose is going to be an important decision. It might not really feel like it, but where you work and the environment that you are in can have an impact on what you will be able to do, as well as how productive that you are.


There are several different things that you will want to look at before you decide to call in the commercial removals to get you moved in. So while you are looking for office premises, take the next few things into consideration to make sure you’re choosing the best spot for you and your business.



They do say with property that location is everything. And commercial property is just the same as residential property; you need to choose somewhere that is going to not only be a good spot for people to get to but can be a good spot if you are buying the space. If you decide to buy, then you will want to know that you can get a return on your investment when it comes to selling up. And as for people getting there, you need to look at the staff you have; are there public transport routes to the office?


You might find a dream office space in a city location. But unfortunately, it may not come with the dream price tag. Buying or renting, you need to look at the cost as it is something that is going to impact your bottom line. You don’t want to spend too little and be unhappy with the space you have chosen. But equally, spending too much could mean that your profit does take a hit. So sitting down and looking at what you can or can’t afford, quite specifically, is going to help as you start your search.



There are several factors why size is important when choosing the location of your office. It is said as a general rule that there should be around 70 square feet per person in the office. So how many would your current team need? You should also think about the expansion of your team; will an office move mean you can hire more people? While you don’t need to go overboard, you have to think about the potential of the space, and making sure that there are areas to rest, eat, and relax in, as well as the desk area.



This might not be something that you would have thought to look at when looking for an office space. Isn’t an office, an office? If you have a particular office layout or style in mind (think Google HQ), then you will want to find quite an open plan space that won’t take too much renovation. If you have to make lots of changes, then it will impact your margins.