These 5 basic strategies will make you a successful female entrepreneur

Starting a business is hard no matter how what. It’s especially hard though as an entrepreneur that may be doing it all on their own (as most of us are). Focus, determination, micro and macro goals, a good support system, and strategic planning will get you far, but there are other strategies or skills that for sure need to be implemented in order for the business/blog/product can be successful and reach its full potential. Take a look at these tips we think are important at The Female Entrepreneur Hub and think about how they can be incorporated successfully into your business in order to take it to another level. Remember, restructuring and changing and doing it all over again is part of the process. Practice makes almost perfect and perfect practice makes perfect!

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1. Research

One of the most important topics to wrap our heads around is research. It is fundamental to how well almost anything else related to our business or blog does in the market. Make sure to properly and thoroughly research the market you intend to target, research other similar products that are out in the market, research other startups that you can relate to, research the originality of your product/brand, etc. They key is to research and be prepared with information so the surprises can be minimized and not hit in the middle of a launch.


2. Branding, Networking, & Marketing (BNM)

The BRAND HAS TO BE STRONG. There’s a saying that “we eat with our eyes first”. Meaning we digest and process what we see before we even start reading or become interested; your brand has to be appealing along with consistency with its message and content, the brand has to be protected from copyright, and the brand has to represent the owner and what it’s intention to sell is.

Once a strong brand is established, NETWORKING has to occur. Meaning to reach out to as many people as appropriately possible;

  • join social media groups/chats
  • pass out business cards
  • follow and @ others
  • share others blog/business/product.

Which brings me to the last part, MARKETING. Without proper marketing, the business/product/blog will not thrive. Post on social media, do giveaways, encourage engagement with the audience and earn their trust. Market Market MARKET the business/blog/product. Be descriptive about what it offers and the benefits that come along with it.

Why not join in with our May Marketing Challenge for some new ideas! Just ten minutes a day to grow your business!


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3. Be Genuine, Listen to Audience & Make Changes

Being genuine will help you grow a rapport with your audience and earn their trust. It’s important that these relationships are built in order for the business/product/blog to grow. If someone loves something, they will talk about it all day, the same thing when someone doesn’t like something. Consumer behaviours must be used to our advantage and understand that our audience/consumers are also human and want not only truth but quality.


4. Accountability & Goals

Be accountable for all your actions or lack of actions. If the work is not being dedicated to the business/product/blog, once again, it will not thrive nor grow. Begin by being consistently accountable for how time is managed, how tasks are prioritized and accomplished, for the relationships that aren’t watered, etc. Use a planner to stay on track and visually see to then map out how to be the most efficient and productive.


5. Finance

Finally, although money is super important, many of us started without making a dime in this business, but once you become an entrepreneur money is a must in order to make a lot of things happen and happen successfully. Be very very aware of income, expenses, and budgets set up. The more familiar with “the books” of your business and how it runs, everything else is icing on the cake. Little slip ups can have the most detrimental impact. By planning and staying organized, many of these slip ups can be avoided. In the planner, write out all incomes and expenses and how they need to be managed. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!