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Things That Turn Customers Away Fast

business strategist

It does not matter if yours is an online business or a physical store, there are some things that will make customers leave without buying what they wanted, and these are things that can be prevented with some effort and perhaps extra training for your employees.


Online Businesses


There are millions of online businesses and if yours does not come up to scratch the viewers will soon move on. It is said you have 5 seconds at the most for them to be attracted enough to stay on your site, so what things should you be avoiding?


  • Your site not being responsive to all digital devices as consumers expect to see the same thing whether they are looking on their PC or their smartphone.
  • Ignoring any questions. The best way is to have live chat so they can get instant answers. If they find it hard to contact someone, they will move to a site where they can get the answers they are after. FAQ’s are rarely the solution, either because people have not got the time to trawl through them, or their own question doesn’t appear.
  • Not delivering what you promise. If your goods or service are not as good as your website says, they will not be a repeat customer and are likely to tell of their experience on social media. People tend to do this more with bad experiences than they do good ones.
  • Not being user-friendly is probably the biggest mistake of all. If your site is difficult to use they will soon move elsewhere.


Just these fours things can lose you a lot of business without you even realising that potential customers are lost. The safest way to prevent this happening is to use the services of a professional like Darren Langley web designer, who will already know of all these pitfalls and will ensure they do not occur. Yes, it will cost you more in the short-term to hire a pro, but in the long-term, it will make you more money!


Physical Businesses

One of the worst things any physical business can do is keep customers waiting to be served longer than they expect. Consumers do know they sometimes have to wait their turn and are prepared for this, but not if it is going to take too long or they think other people are being given priority over them. They will soon put the goods they had in their hand back, and you can say goodbye to another sale.


Surly staff will put people off buying anything and can be a huge problem if someone is asking for help. We all have off days, but your employees should not show that on the shop floor. Service with a smile is an old cliché, but one that still needs to be adhered to today.


Unclear signage and pricing will stop people from buying a product, as they do not want to get to the checkout and find it costs more than they thought. Do not be misleading about any special deals either, as consumers appreciate honesty.


There is no doubt many other reasons why people have not bought from you, but all you can do it try to stop some of the most common reasons happens, and hope that you find out about the others so you can correct those as well.


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