Things You Should Be Considering As A E-commerce Store

Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. from Pexels

Running a successful E-commerce store can be stressful and extremely time consuming but at the same time very rewarding. There can be a lot that you need to consider to make sure that it runs smoothly and remains running smoothly all the time and it becomes very easy to get lost with certain job roles and forget what you should be prioritizing. Have a look here at some of the things you should be considered as an e-commerce store.


Getting the marketing right for your E-commerce store has got to be one of the most important aspects of running one. Without the right marketing strategies in place, you could have the most outstanding product or service but the lack of or bad marketing could mean that you are heading for failure. There are plenty of ways to market your store such as using free platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which are ever growing as a competitive way to target your audiences and you can always use tools like google ads to help get your products seen at the top of google searches.


By monitoring, we are talking about monitoring your sales and your stock. Not your stock levels but how well they are performing for you. Using tools such as online reseller monitoring and google analytics you are able to monitor how many people visit your site and how well each product is performing. It’s a brilliant tool for being able to keep your eye on how much the competition is selling similar products for too. By monitoring your sales you are able to produce useful things such as bestseller lists, poor seller lists and use these to your advantage by advertising your better seller and getting more stock, then you can think about reducing the cost of the poor selling items in a sale.

Customer Service

When you first set up an E-commerce store you probably don.t have a massive need for y=all the mod cons when it comes to customer service as you will probably be starting our very small and it can be easily managed in house and simply however as your store starts to grow you may find that there is a need to either dedicate the role to someone permanently, maybe even a team or possibly think about outsourcing your customer service duties to ensure your customers are getting the service that they require. By having a customer service team you are able to deal with customer queries, complaints and orders quickly and efficiently which will, in turn, lead to a better customer return. Why not think about adding a live chat to your website, but bear in mind that for this you will need to have someone monitoring it. You may find that customers get annoyed if you advertise a live chat service but it’s never available, and the same applies to have a phone line. If you’re starting out or are only staying small then using tools such as Facebook messenger or email could be the better routes, if you expect that you won;t be able to reply to a customer straight away you can always send an automated response with your ideal reply times shown, this way customers always know what to expect.


Another important thing that you should be considering as a e-commerce store is how your logistics are going to work and if they are running smoothly. The e-commerce is only your storefront so you need to have a think about what and where is going to be your warehouse. Some places such as Amazon will have a service where you can store your items in their website and they can provide your products as a prime product which is always a good attraction to customers but it does also attract a fee for you so, worth weighing up the costs. The other option is to hire some storage space or maybe even warehouse space depending on how large your products are. It’s worth thinking about how you are going to look after your stock, are you going to employ someone specifically to take care of this? Another aspect of logistics is to look at how you are going to get your products to the customers, are you going to have your own employees and vans/lorries or are you going to outsource and use one of the many courier services available? Either way, it’s a good idea to make a detailed database of how long each product is expected to take to arrive to the customers and make sure you are choosing not only the best service for the but also the best prices for your budget.

Do you have anything else that you should be considering as a E-commerce store? Please share them in the comments section below.