Top 3 Tips To Maintain Productivity During An Office Renovation

Image Credit – CC0 Licence

Office renovations can be very advantageous for your business. By improving your office setup, you may create a better work environment for your employees. As a consequence, this can lead to improved efficiency and productivity in the long term. 

Unfortunately, an office renovation can present some immediate and short-term disadvantages. Primarily, you’re unable to work properly in your office while work is being carried out. Having people fixing things and working in your office can be a huge distraction. Or, the work may be so extensive that you’re kicked out until further notice. 

Now, you’re in a position where your productivity levels plummet. This is a concern as it means you miss out on work, which can also lead to a loss of clients and money. Do you have to just suck it up and hope that the benefits after the renovation make up for this? No! Here’s what you can do to maintain productivity during this period:

Work from home

A lot of businesses will realise that they can still keep productivity levels high by working from home. If anything, you may discover that your employees actually work better from home! If that’s the case, then you’ve gained a huge advantage as your output will increase. Of course, not all businesses can make this work, so there are other ideas to try. 

Create a temporary office

This is an excellent idea if you can’t work from home and depend on a physical office for the running of your business. Instead of trying to work around all the construction and renovation workers, you can hire portable buildings to turn into a temporary office. If you look at construction sites, you see these all the time. They can be surprisingly spacious, and you can connect them to each other to create a vast office space during the renovation period. Is it perfect? No. But, it will definitely serve a purpose and help you retain and maintain your productivity until the office is ready. 

Renovate on weekends

Alternatively, you can try and get the renovation work done when you’re not in the office. A good example of this is to pay for the workers to renovate on the weekends. This tends to cost more money, and you will drag the work out for longer. However, if you can’t work from home and can’t get your hands on any temporary buildings, then this might be the only option for you. It allows you to carry on as usual in your office, so productivity should still be high. 

Realistically, you’re hoping to use either of the first two options as they are the most effective. Staying in your office does allow you to carry on being in your work environment, but it drags the renovation out for much longer than necessary. Still, consider all three options as every business is different and the last one may be the only one you can try. Regardless, this proves that you can still maintain productivity levels even while your office is being renovated!