Using Looks To Your Advantage In The World Of Business

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Appearances can mean a lot in the professional world. People care about what they look like, and the way that other people look will usually influence the way that you feel about them. Clothing, accessories, and your general style can be used as a tool to appeal to the right clients and colleagues, giving you an edge that can’t be achieved with words alone. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring a range of different fields, giving you an idea of the styles that could work well if you were working in these areas.

Creative Industries

Creative work is different from many other industries. While you will interact with people from a range of different fields, you will have much more freedom than others when it comes to the style you adopt for business. People will expect you to be creative with the way that you dress, with most people who work in roles like graphic design or art being fashionable. This opens the doors to more informal garments, often giving you the chance to make your work more comfortable.

While you have a lot of freedom in creative industries, you also have to be a little bit careful. Wearing clothing with large graphics or logos can look unprofessional, and you need to avoid looking like you’ve come straight from a party. Finding a nice balance between formal and informal will work well here. Of course, it’s also worth thinking about the type of client you’re interacting with, with more traditional businesses preferring a more formal look.


The technology industry has exploded over the last few years, and the age of this market has given many companies the chance to adopt modern practices. Young tech enthusiasts are more likely to feel comfortable with someone wearing similar clothing to them. At the same time, though, it can pay to surprise people when you work in a field like this. Formal clothing can also work well in a field like this, though you need to make sure that you pick modern options that won’t make you look out of touch.

Many people assume that those working in this sort of industry will wear casual clothing to their work. In reality, though, it’s important to remember that you’re trying to impress, and this means that you need to give off the right impression. Tools like eyewear can be used to make you look a little bit geeky, appealing to the sort of people who tend to gravitate to this field. Alongside this, you could also look for small accessories with things like emblems from video games or movies.

Finance & Other Professional Services

Finance is an area that allows very little freedom when it comes to your clothing. You will be expected to dress formally, with clients and customers finding it hard to trust you if you don’t look the part when you’re offering a professional service. Wearing a full suit will be a little over the top for some occasions, though you should consider going all out for important meetings and events where you will represent your business.

People like to see care and attention from the people looking after them professionally. This makes it crucial that you spend the time to consider every aspect of your look, from the garments to the accessories that form the final package. There are a lot of services out there that offer professional styling, providing a chance to achieve a professional style that will impress the people you work with. Of course, though, you could also use sites like Instagram to give yourself some inspiration.

Finding a style that enables you to appeal to the people you work with can be a challenge. Thankfully, though, you don’t have to look very far to find the right answers, and can simply think about what you would expect from the people you work with. This is a great way to find a style that you like and is suitable for your work.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of using your looks to your advantage in the world of business. This can be difficult, though there are loads of guides around the web that can help you, and countless sources of inspiration to draw from.