Shhhh! So I have something amazing coming your way! As you may know I’m passionate about helping women grow their businesses into manageable, efficient, profit-making machines. I’m also well aware that funds are often limited so investing in the help that you need to get your business to the next step is near impossible. But without that foundation in place you are relying on sheer luck (and a whole lot of Googling) to try to get your business to bring in that income you want (without working 749 hours per week!)

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To hire a business coach may be too much of a stretch on your budget. (Did you know that it will cost you typically anywhere between £1,500 to £5000 for 3 months with a business coach!)

But it doesn’t seem fair that those who most need business coaching don’t have access to it because of finances.

If you had the coaching then you would have the money to pay for it! So it’s all a bit backwards right.


And I hate things being unfair almost as much as I love to see ladies killing it in business!

That’s why I’m bringing you a 12-week virtual business coaching program at an affordable price with payment plan options (think around 75% cheaper!).

The course is designed to
– stop you wondering what you’re supposed to be doing to make this business work
– streamline how you do things to give you more time back
– accelerate profits within 3 months
– grow your social media following and get them engaging
– equip you with tools to manage the business comfortably and confidently without having to Google every dam thing
– show you how making sales isn’t down to luck – it’s down to predicting audience behaiour using my simple methods

The end result is simple; a streamlined business that generates more profit within 3 months, from a program that doesn’t break the bank.

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