Wasteful Habits That Are Costing Your Business Money

Is your business feeling the pinch? Perhaps it’s time you looked at some money saving. When business is booming it’s easy to squander your income on everything and anything, but not only could this behaviour be harming your business’ finance, it’s also wasteful. Wasteful behaviour by businesses can be damaging to the environment, and if you want your business to be seen as a responsible and environmentally conscious business, it’s time for much-needed change. Kill two birds with one stone and stop the following wasteful habits that could be costing your business money.


1. Using too much electricity

Do you pay much attention to your business’ energy bills each month? If not, you could be missing a trick and missing out on money that could be better spent elsewhere. Learn to cut your business’ energy costs while doing your bit to help the environment too.

2. Not shopping around for supplies

Do you tend to shop with the most convenient supplier (i.e. Amazon), rather than shop around for your business supplies? You could be wasting money unnecessarily. Whether you’re looking for coffee supplies or products for your printer, there’s a lot to be gained by shopping around. Use websites like 123Inkjets Cartridges to find cheaper deals on your ink and benefit by helping out smaller suppliers. It takes little time to do some research, but the savings could be significant.

3. Over-catering for meetings and events

Food waste is a growing concern for environmentalists, and everyone can do their part to help fight it. If your business tends to over-cater for meeting and events, it might be time to change things up and reduce your waste. Do some analysis at your next meeting/event to see which and how much food is typically leftover. Adjust your orders accordingly and enjoy less waste next time. Alternatively, many businesses are undertaking initiatives to combat food waste by donating leftover food to good causes – why not do your bit and donate yours?

4. Unnecessary business travel

With technology becoming more and more advanced, the need for businesses to travel to meetings should be declining. Spending money and wasting time on travel can easily be remedied through video conferencing, allowing your business to be much more efficient and help colleagues be more productive with their time. Take a look at the best free video conferencing tools to see if there’s a suitable solution for your business.

5. Not going paperless

There are some great examples of businesses doing their bit to go paperless, are you doing yours? While getting rid of paper might not always be possible, the use of electronic documents and cloud storage means there are more and more alternatives to using paper. Try implementing a paperless policy to reduce the amount of paper your business uses, saving on publication costs that could run into the thousands over the course of a year.


Cutting down on wasteful behaviour is great for both your business and the environment. Think of ways your business can do its bit and enjoy being able to manage your business budget successfully, while also doing your bit to help create a greener planet.


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