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What Are Your Biggest Blogging Goals?


We all have goals. Even if we don’t know it. There are these little thoughts and visions and ideas that we all have in mind. About how we want to look and how we want to live and where we want to go. And they don’t ever really go away unless you work on them. At first, they start out on dreams. But when you write them down or you step towards them, why become goals. And you can have them for every single area of your life, including your work. And yes, that absolutely means that you can have goals in blogging too. In fact, when you do have goals for your blog, you’ll find that you’re so much more likely to be able to move forward and to find the successes that you’re looking for. So, it’s about time to start thinking about setting your own!

However, sometimes, you can start too small. You’ll think about your capabilities are they are now, and you’ll stay there. And you’ll only think you can achieve things based on where you are today. But that’s not the way to do it. Goals are to be worked towards. To reach for. So you need to aim high. To help you, here are some ideas.

To Write A Book

Sometimes, you start a blog because you want to write. And when you love to read, it could be that you also want to write a book too. So, your blog can be a great platform for you to be able to do that from. Yes, you might want to be able to make a profit here, but you should also be thinking about the bigger picture. Because then, you can tailor everything that you’re doing today, towards getting there. So, how are you going to get that book written and published?

To Serve Others

Or maybe this isn’t about you or about your dreams of doing something? Maybe it’s about others and how you can make their lives better? Sure, you’re still going to want to hire that web design agency and accountant and designer and run your business like a boss. But maybe your intentions behind each post, each campaign, each partnership – maybe they need to be different? Because if you want to serve others, then you need to know what value you are adding to their lives.

To Build An Empire

But then finally, for you, maybe one of those things isn’t enough? Maybe your purpose isn’t something so ‘small’? Maybe for you, only an empire will do? And if that’s the case, set that goal and work out how you’re going to get there. Because that’s the thing about achieving goals. It’s never about the goal, it’s about the work and how you get there. So if you want to achieve big things, things bigger than you, then you need to put the work in, stay consistent, and make sure that you are really making waves with your blog.