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What Branding Choices Do Modern Consumers Respond To?


All businesses need to brand themselves. Without that unifying design, they will seem ephemeral, ethereal and almost less present than they might otherwise be. This can be a challenging scenario to experience, and when you’re trying your best to establish your business life, it’s hardly one you want. But the presence of branding and the presence of good branding are two completely different things. Good branding could be defined by many ideals. Magnetism, the ability to represent yourself and your ideal at the same time, and being understandable are all pointers of a great self-branding effort.

But none of that would be worthwhile without relevancy. Catering to the modern market is essential, because it’s the only market you can ever cater to. Does this mean any slight twinge of historical reference will tank your business? Of course not. But staying updated and vibrant, even in your aesthetic callbacks, will be essential.

But what branding choices to modern customers and consumers truly respond to? Consider:


Minimalism has taken on a life of its own in recent years. This is because while color explosions, vast reams of text and a range of other eye-catching designs could be considered artistically viable and well-worth-it, sometimes your brand does not require it for success. Does your brand of paperclips truly need the most artistically excellent packaging? Or does a simple, clean, efficient package seem much more identifiable and less ‘busy?’ It can be worthwhile to consider how your firm’s artistic presence might best be understood and digested. Minimalism is popular because almost any firm can make use of it, almost anyone can appreciate how easy it is to understand, but if done well you needn’t sacrifice aesthetic professionalism or magnetism.

Intelligent Design

Intelligent design always be responded to. For example, if you’re opening a barbers and looking for a wonderful storefront banner, the name of your business written in barbering tools such as scissors or straight razors could be considered novel, interesting and intricate. This is just one small example of course, but a little forethought in design like this can certainly help you stand out, and it provides that ‘wow’ factor you might be looking for. This is where using a professional branding service such as Designed By Duo designedbyduo.co.uk could be the most appropriate, especially as they have an excellent proven track record for smart design.


The best branding is digestible. It’s memorable. It will be instantly recognizable when a customer once again sees your logo, or is reminded of your establishment. For that reason, your branding needs character. It needs to be a entity all on its own that supports your brand. This is why more and more forms enter mascot territory, or will often streamline their branding efforts over time. A solid logo, a simple slogan, a simple name for your business and a navigable website UI that conforms to all of these choices will seem cohesive, supportive, but most of all digestible.

With these tips, you’re sure to brand yourself effectively.