What Customers Are Saying About Your Website When They Aren't Saying Anything At All

What Customers Are Saying About Your Website When They Aren’t Saying Anything At All

When businesses operate in physical spaces, they have observation on their side. If customers don’t like their displays, it soon becomes clear. The looks on customers faces will give the game away. If not, staff may overhear customer grumbles. And, your business can adjust according to recurrent issues.

Things couldn’t be more different when it comes to your website, though. Whether your business is 100% ecommerce, or you have an online store, you’ll find customers silent. Sure, they’ll leave comments for lousy service. But, they’re less likely to tell you what they think of your website as a whole. Still, that’s not to say they aren’t giving a sign. As Boyzone said, you say it best when you say nothing at all. Or, in this case, your customers say it best. In fact, they’re probably giving you some pretty big hints about what they think. And, as you would in a physical store, you should notice and respond accordingly.

Lucky for you, there are a few different ways to tell what your customers are thinking. Using website analytics is always a good idea for getting here. Equally, methods like user research can take you far here. But, neither of these would do any good if you don’t know how to interpret the signs. So, let’s consider what your customers are saying, and what it means.


What Customers Are Saying About Your Website When They Aren't Saying Anything At AllImage Credit: Sergey Zolkin


Click off after ten seconds

If research shows customers are clicking away after ten seconds, the issue is obvious. Your welcome page isn’t doing its job. The reason for this can vary, but chunky paragraphs of text can be a real turn off. Equally, slow loading times are leading causes for clicks away. These are often due to advertisements or images. Your best bet is to keep your welcome page simple. Just display your logo and write a brief paragraph about what you do. One thing’s sure; you’ll struggle to grow your online presence if you don’t keep customers around longer than this.


Browsing without buying

It’s also worth looking out for customers who browse but don’t buy. In this instance, your welcome page has done its job. But, something else is stopping customers from going further. It may be that there are too many pages for them to select. Again, simple is best. Keep your pages to a minimum. It may also be that your product photography or descriptions aren’t up to scratch. In many ways, these are your sales assistants. Take time to find one who can secure sales!

Leaving with items in their basket


This can be most frustrating of all. Customers may get as far as clicking buy but still leave before completing. Your site has obviously done its job, but something’s still stopping you from sealing the deal. Often, this is down to your payment options. Sites that don’t offer Paypal, for instance, can expect higher abandonment rates. Instead, provide secure payment options your customers will put their trust in. It’ll make more of a difference than you would expect.