What Does Your Office Interior Say About You As A Businesswoman?

In business, as in all things, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Whenever you meet a potentially lucrative new client, a potential employee or perhaps a business angel or investor, you know that this first impression is more important than ever. This first impression can determine whether they invest their time and their effort in you or cross the road to give their skills to your competitors. Whether they invest capital in your growth, or help someone else to grow at your expense. However, it doesn’t matter how well you make your case, how warmly you greet them, how wonderfully you project or how impeccably you’re dressed… If your office aesthetic is painting a poor picture of you.

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How you choose to decorate and maintain your office can say a lot about your business and about you as its owner. No decision can be made arbitrarily or about careful consideration. Otherwise it could end up saying all of the wrong things…

Opaque partitions say “Leave me alone”

Office partitions can play a huge role in keeping your workspace well organized and compartmentalized. Nonetheless, when employing partitions you need to think carefully about their composition, especially when it comes to marking off your own office.

Opaque partitions can say “leave me alone” and make employees reticent to discuss issues with you. It can reinforce the image of the boss walled off in her ivory tower. Get in touch with GDL interiors to see what glass partitions can do for you. They can give you privacy when you need it while still ensuring that you appear available and open to your employees.

Cluttered desks say “I don’t value organisation”

A clean desk is a happy desk. It’s all too easy to employees to fall into habits that lead to cluttered desks. Some employees may insist that they work best with an untidy desk where everything they need is within easy reach (albeit under a pile of paper).

However, messy and cluttered desks can make an extremely poor impression on visitors who are unfamiliar with your employees’ idiosyncratic working methods. They can simply say that you don’t value organization or help your employees to stay organized.

Ostentatious artwork could say “I’m pretentious”

There’s a fine, fine line to be walked here. When chosen and displayed well, artworks and murals can be inspiring to you and your employees and provide the spark of creativity that can be sadly lacking at 8 o’clock in the morning. However, overly ostentatious artwork can put some people off and lead them to see you as pretentious. Choose something that you feel provides the kind of experience you want your employees to have rather than trying to encapsulate the ethos of your business… And avoid anything that looks like it’s trying to imitate David Choe or Banksy.

Cheap furniture says “I don’t value my employees”

Finally, while all entrepreneurs balk a little at overhead expenses, it’s never a bad idea to invest in your employees’ comfort and workplace satisfaction. Not only does investing in good quality furniture show that you care about your employees’ wellbeing, it can even help improve their performance.

Make sure that your premises is saying all the right things about you!