What marketing should you be doing?

It would be amazing as small business owners if all we had to actually do was our business. You know the thing we love to do, and what we actually set it up for in the first place! Unfortunately, that tends not to be the case, for the business to last we need customers. To get those customers, we need to be marketing our business. So what marketing should you be doing?


Marketing is very individual

Sorry to say but there is no one size fits all. Local businesses need to focus on their local area for example, and each local area could have a very different demographic. For example, if you are a designer, premium, most expensive ever clothes shop, but you open a shop in the poorest town that ever existed, you’re probably going to have a battle on your hands. Each locality is different and will respond to your marketing in different ways, as well as to your products and services.

The same can be said for online businesses. Each niche is very different, has different audiences and different trends. So it’s super important to have a firm understanding of your niche and audience.


So how should I plan my marketing?

If you understand where to get in front of your audience, then now it’s a case of doing that. As a base level, you should be putting your content in front of them consistently. Again this depends on the business, but typically you should be posting on social media at least every other day. You need to have a good plan about how to get your business message across to them. Ensure your branding is strong and you remain on the brand. Then where ever it is you are placing your content, just keep doing it consistently with good value.


What about a marketing boost?

You can give your marketing a boost by holding special promotions. For example, you can run events or competitions. You could have a challenge on social media. This encourages people to participate and engage with your content and it should also encourage growth and exposure of your business.


What should successful marketing be doing?

Marketing is your business’s voice. It should be telling the world your message so that people come and engage with your business in one way or another. You should only spend time doing marketing that will serve you. If no one is responding to it, change it or ditch it. Concentrate your efforts where they make a difference.

Good marketing shouldn’t make your customers feel like they are being sold to. It should like you are having a conversation with them, they should feel included and enjoy the content, but never sold to. Content is important for building trust. This trust will secure your position as the business they chose to use without a hard sell.



Your marketing plan will be unique, it has to be to truly serve your business. Whatever efforts you make, ensure they are actually helping your business grow and get customers. Remember your content is a perfect way to secure the sale without you actually being there!

If you want to know more about getting your marketing truly working for your business, then consider a Growth Strategy session (complimentary with me) – we can chat about getting your marketing working for you.