What You Can Learn About Employees From Their Desks


Desks: they’re pieces of wood with no real importance. Employees don’t even have to sit behind one these days thanks to remote working opportunities. If anything, they’re played out, an archaic reminder of a past generation. But, we can all admit one thing: we’ve looked at a desk and judged someone in the past. Whether they were a good worker or a bad one, it has happened and there is a reason.


Desks say a lot about the type of person it belongs to and their personality. If you can read into it, a boss can learn a lot about them and what they are worth to the company.


The Sickie


These are the people that are excellent at their jobs when they are in the office. For the most part, men and women like this take twice as many days off during the year than anyone else. The telltale signs range from the mandatory tissues to gallons of hand sanitizer taking up much-needed space. There is also an inevitable ergonomic chair for their back problems and a first-aid kit just in case. No company can pull a dead weight so these signs might be fatal. Unless they have a good excuse, such as a doctor’s note, it might be time to talk about the recovery process.


The Techie


Weirdly, tech geeks are minimalists, apart from the various devices on their desks. They’ll be at least three computers, including a desktop, a laptop, and an iPad or tablet. Sometimes, they’ll throw in a tribute to the old school such as a fax machine in case there is an apocalypse and they need to follow up a lead before it dies (get it). These men and women are the people to turn to when the servers are offline and need rebooting. Also, they’re good for merging strategies and understanding the newest trends on the market.



The Advertiser


He or she can’t help but advertise everywhere they go. Their cars are like the Red Bull monstrosity which floats around town pretending not to be ostentatious. On their desk, there won’t be a feature which doesn’t sell something or try and generate a lead. The mug holder will be an Alpha Card coaster card which preaches about the benefits of their newest cause. The stationery will promote the last trade show they visited. Even their clothes are gimmicky. Regardless, these are the people you need to spread the word because they are connectors and have a wide range of contacts.



The Zen Master


Not everyone can shut out stress, but these men and women are experts. Thanks to their mini bonsai trees and inspirational posters, they don’t find it hard to maintain their perspective. Although these people offer a level of calmness, they’re also too cool for school. Things such as deadlines are meaningless and they do everything at their own pace. For a boss who needs a task doing to a time limit, it’s incredibly annoying as it impacts productivity. So, they may need a kick up the backside.


Are there any of these types in your office? How do you deal with them?