Where to start if you want to be authentic in your branding

If there was one thing I believed in for brands, and something I try to do for She Hustles Inc, it’s being authentic in all I do. It’s a word that’s bashed about. I’m authentic, I’m genuine. Words are one thing, but actions speak way louder than those words. We write our content – mostly words! So how do we come across as sincerely, honestly and genuinely… honest?


Start by exploring your “why”

Why did you start your business? Why that particular business? Why that particular client, or service? Get down with your why.

Your “why” is the whole reason you’re here. The reason you’re on this site even!

A nice little tip as well, is when you’re feeling a bit blah about your business, connect back to this purpose and it’s will reinvigorate you and get the old creative juices flowing again!


Now you know your purpose

Let’s be fair, you probably knew your purpose before, but it’s down and captured in words now. If I was to ask you;

What’s your purpose?

You need to answer it in one short sentence, and ideally describe it in three words or ways.

Now you need to communicate that with your audience. You can mention it in social media posts, talk about it in videos and live video. You could blog about why you do what you do.

Talk about it genuinely and from the heart. If there is a story behind what you do, then tell it. Stories are great for selling!


Why this works

This is a great approach for two reasons. Firstly you feel genuine in your marketing efforts. You don’t feel spammy when you talk about your passion. It really shines through. Why – because it’s from such an authentic place!

Secondly, when people feel like they are seeing the real person when they connect over something genuine, they develop trust. Trust in your brand is what you need. When you get the trust you get the sales. Ultimately we are business women and sales need to be made for us to stay in business doing what we love.



I hope this has helped in some way! If you can be more authentic in what you do, and you feel connected to your purpose, it so fulfilling when you see your business thrive. I almost think it’s more fulfilling as you have truly poured your soul into it!

If you would like to learn more about the complimentary Growth Sessions I offer, you can find out more here. We can look at pulling your purpose into your branding to help you make more sales in a more authentic way!

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