Women In The Building Trade – Money Talks!

More and more females are choosing trades within the construction industry to pursue as a career. The ratio of men to women working in construction is gradually changing and females are now more commonplace. Women are choosing to train as plumbers, electricians, builders and decorators breaking the stereotypical image of the traditionally male-dominated environment. There is a huge shortage of qualified tradespeople and women entering the profession are beginning to build a reputation as having an excellent eye for detail as well as a high-quality finish. Women in construction are also sought after by elderly people living alone and single females who may be otherwise intimidated by male workers within their home. That’s not to say that women are better than men in construction, just that there is space for both genders on equal terms.


What does the building trade offer?

Trades within the construction industry pay well, many people choose a trade for the flexibility the job offers as well as the financial gain. If you build up your reputation as a reliable and high-quality tradesperson you will be in high demand and will be able to charge accordingly. Skilled tradespeople are in demand as there is a shortage nationally.


In addition to financial gain working in the construction industry allows you to break away from the 9-5 routine of working within an office. It allows creativity and design skills to be utilised. If you are a passionately creative person and enjoy using your hands, working in the construction industry could be for you.


Construction work also offers good career progression. As your reputation rises you may be able to consider starting your own business. You could also diversify into property renovation. As time progresses you are likely to accumulate a large number of tools and equipment in order to keep up with customer demand. A storage facility such as those offered by Canning Vale Storage Units would be a good option.


Training options

There a number of training routes available and it will be down to your own personal preference and individual circumstances as to which pathway you choose. Your local college may be able to offer courses which allow for time spent on work placements in order to enhance your practical skills or you could opt for an apprenticeship where you learn “on the job” so to speak, with college days to learn theory. If you are making a career change you could choose to retrain in the evenings whilst maintaining your current job. There are private training providers but try and avoid the “fast track” options as these are unlikely to leave you feeling confident enough to undertake work once the course is completed.


Whichever training option you choose, ensure that you are always treated with respect and with same equal opportunities as the males on your course. More and more females are training for a career in the construction industry but it is likely that you will be in the minority. This should make no difference to the way you are taught or treated and most training providers will have policies and procedures relating to equality. Always seek advice if you feel unfairly treated.


Once qualified it would be good practice to work alongside experienced tradespeople in order to consolidate your skills. Once you feel confident you could start your own construction business, enter the realms of property renovation or work overseas. The world is your oyster. Enjoy the rewards!


  • This is so important! Not only is this industry in dire need of workers, it definitely needs more women! Great post!

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