You Can Be A Microsoft Word Expert With These Easy Steps


Microsoft word is one of those tools which you have likely been using since go were a little child making up stories, and it is a tool which has grown up with us to make for a useful application for many different uses. Here are some of the things you need to know to be an expert on word this year.

  1. Adding borders

A lot of the time when you are making a piece of writing it can look a little bit boring and dull. For a simple solution to this, you can go onto borders and add either a border around your title, an important quote or add a border to the entire page. Doing this can turn a boring looking report into something fresh and fun and it will make your life much easier.


  1. Using grammar

When you are writing up an important piece of work you will want to make sure that you always use your best grammar. You can use a company like Wise Owl Training to help you master word, and you can utilise the grammar checker to ensure that you always make sense when speaking on paper. It can be far too easy to write how we speak, however, this won’t always work grammatically.


  1. Thesaurus

The thesaurus can become your new best friend when you want to write an important piece of content and impress your peers. However be careful how much you use this tool because you could run the risk of sounding like Joey in that Friends episode. Try and use the thesaurus for words you always use in content and you can hopefully open up your vocabulary and find some new ones to use.


  1. Use styles


Unless you want to spend the rest of your life using times new roman for EVERYTHING… you will want to start getting familiar with different fonts and styles. For example you can use different fonts for different purposes and they all have a certain character which suits your situation. The biggest no no would be to use comic sans for anything which is remotely serious… or anything at all really.


  1. Inserting links

Hyperlinks can be useful when you are creating documents because you can end your social media details to a piece, send a link to an important piece of information or simply link back to your website. You can insert links by right clicking the word, scrolling to hyperlink and inserting a website. It is simple but can be an effective way to make your content stand out.

  1. Use themes

One of the great features which has been added onto word in the last few years is themes. No longer do you have to design a CV or covering letter blind, because there are hundreds of helpful templates on word just waiting for you to use them. You can use these to your advantage and create some unique and clever content which will both look and feel amazing.