You Have Email – But It Doesn’t Work. Why?!

Email marketing is an essential part of the industry. What advertisers have figured out is simple:


–    it’s less obtrusive;

–    it’s more likely to be opened; and

–    it creates a following


The right blast can make customers and leads aware of promotions and offers and get them to make a conversion as a result. Gone are the days when companies pestered shoppers on the phone. It’s all digital nowadays.


Still, there’s a problem – your email strategy isn’t doing any of the above. The reason is why is that you’re making silly mistakes. Here are the culprits and how to avoid them.


Not Being Regular

Once a reader gets hooked, they want their fix. They’ll want as much as possible, yet you can keep them addicted by controlling the demand. The problem comes when the email doesn’t land at the time and date it should. Your emails may be the best, but they need to get a hit somehow so they’ll bounce. The less regular they get, the more they’ll go into remission. The best way to maintain a steady flow of emails is to use automation. Along with IT support, this will ensure the blast goes out without asking for permission. Think of it as a direct debit but for electronic mail.


Overdoing It

When a trend takes off, businesses are culpable of overkill. They use the method as much as possible because they think it’ll get some traction. It might work in the beginning, yet it’ll soon get old. Once the novelty wears thin, the emails won’t have any value any longer. They’ll turn into spam and end up in the trash folder. The trick is to focus on quality over quantity. Send out an email once or twice a week and make sure it includes everything they need. Think about the solutions they want from the brand.


Wasting Mail

Okay, it’s not like an email is on paper but it’s still a waste. It’s a waste of your time and energy. Why? This is mainly because not everyone in the target audience will want to receive an email. Some prefer a call or a text message or a leaflet in the street. Yes, it’s old-school but that is how they like to do business. Sending out an email regardless is like throwing a deck chair off the Titanic: pointless. To avoid this, you should segment your list and split it up by preferred contact methods.

Breaking Down

Emails contain links to sites and pages, the ones you want them to click-through to and make a conversion. Unfortunately, websites suffer from glitches and links can break. If it isn’t working problem, you’ll have two issues. The first is obvious – there is no way to generate a lead. The second is trust. Readers will stop reading and clicking on links because they’ll assume their dead. Before every blast, make sure the elements you want them to see are viewable by testing the pages.


Do you think your email strategy will work now?